CITIZEN: 11-year-old won’t rest until the Goulbourn girls get their own hockey trophy case

From the Ottawa Citizen:

Danika Glenn is a girl on a mission. The 11-year-old plays on the Rockets competitive peewee C team of the Goulbourn Girls’ Hockey Association. And she thinks the girls’ teams deserve a trophy case dedicated to their on-ice glories at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex, where they have their home ice.

“So many arenas I have seen seem to have a lot of big trophy cases for the boys’ hockey,” says Danika, who last year played on the Goulbourn atom C Rockets, who won 2017 provincial gold.

The Rockets’ championship trophy sits in a general-purpose display case at the Goulbourn complex, where they share space with memorabilia from the swim club and the horticulture society. The rest of the girls’ trophies are relegated to the coaches’ basements, says Danika, a Grade 6 student at St. Stephen School.

“I want people to see how well the girls can play,” she said. “I think the boys get way more recognition than we do.”

… And so began her campaign. She first mentioned the idea of a trophy case for the girls at a hockey banquet last year. Stittsville Coun. Shad Qadri was there and asked her to send him an email. On Jan. 14, she took him up on his offer. Her mother, Agnes Rubaj, told her she had to write a “formal” email — it’s different than texting your friends, Rubaj informed her daughter.

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