CITIZEN: MPP MacLaren demoted from Eastern Ontario caucus chair

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MPP Jack MacLaren
MPP Jack MacLaren



David Reevely of the Ottawa Citizen reports on MPP Jack Maclaren:

Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown has cut loose troublesome Ottawa-area MPP Jack MacLaren, after MacLaren’s second apology for embarrassing misjudgments in as many weeks.

Sort of.

MacLaren has lost his place as chair of the Tories’ Eastern Ontario caucus, to be replaced by Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell. MacLaren remains the party’s critic for natural resources and chair of a Tory panel on property rights and as an outreach ambassador to various ethnic communities.

He’s suffered a sharp slap on the wrist. Being a regional caucus chair in an opposition party is like being a regional minister in the government, but without the power to dole out patronage or say yea or nay to big projects. It’s a position of trust but not all that much authority. So losing it is an indignity but not a decapitation.

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