CITIZEN: Stittsville family wages campaign to find lost dog, happy Holly, a Goldendoodle

Egan: Family wages campaign to find lost dog, happy Holly, a Goldendoodle
Ottawa Citizen, Monday April 13

Kelly Egan from the Ottawa Citizen writes about Stittsville’s Rennie family, who are looking for their lost Goldendoodle Holly, last seen in December near the Trans Canada Trail.

The Rennies have advertised in newspapers over and over, postered the suburb, travelled to Ashton, Carleton Place, the Glebe, contacted Humane Societies in Ottawa and Arnprior, taken calls from Brockville, had tips from psychics, appealed to every veterinary office they could find, connected with an online network of lost pets.

When asked how much they’ve spent on classified ads in newspapers big and small, Rob, 53, would only say: “Thousands.”

Laura, 50, is particularly upset, as she was walking Holly at the time.

“Every time I walk in the house, I still expect to see her coming running up,” she said wistfully in her sunny kitchen, a photo of Holly on the fridge, her untouched toys visible in the backyard.

They walked the dogs together every morning. That day, they were skiing on the Trans-Canada Trail, which is accessed near Abbott Street and West Ridge Drive, a route the dogs knew well.

As they were wrapping up and loading equipment into the car, the dogs, as though on a scent-hunt, both took off toward the wooded area.

They sometimes chased critters, so panic did not set in. But they didn’t come back, at least not for an hour or two when Beau came ambling back alone. No Holly.

So the foot search began. Up and down the trail, along neighbouring fields, until they hit a bit of luck. A farmer reported he had seen the dogs chasing a deer. They did all they could, until it was dark. They began the poster campaign, knocked on every door they could.

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