City Council Notes (Sept 10)

There were several items discussed at City Council on September 10 relating to properties near Stittsville

City Council carried a motion for an amendment to the official plan and zoning bylaw for 3001 Palladium Drive, 405 and 425 Huntmar Drive.   The changes are to “facilitate the development of a prestige business park” north-west of Huntmar and the Queensway. “This new business park is envisioned to attract low-profile industrial and employment generating uses on approximately 45 net hectares of land, and provide for retail uses on approximately 10 net hectares of land.”


Council also made changes to the official plan and zoning by-law affecting building heights for several areas in Kanata North and Kanata South. The changes allow for increased building heights, especially at key intersections along major roads in the area.

Once you decipher the technical planning jargon in the various reports and amendments, it provides and interesting look at the city’s vision for intensification and higher-density development along Kanata’s main streets. It’s quite a bit different from the strip malls and low-rises we have now.

Shad Qadri explains: “Some areas where there were increases to the building heights were on the west side of Eagleson Road from Terry Fox to Rothesay, where the permitted heights increased to 9 storeys.  On Hazeldean between Terry Fox and Eagelson sites on north side increased permitted heights from 6 to 9 storeys, but on the south side the majority remained the permitted 6 stories.  Along March Road there were two sections where the zoning height increased from 4 to 6 storeys.  In the Kanata Town Centre area there were also policy directions implemented regarding building heights.”

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