City looks for feedback on Feedmill Creek rehab plan

Feedmill Creek

Feedmill Creek is sort of a “forgotten waterway” in Stittsville.  That’s probably because up until very recently, it traversed mostly undeveloped private property.

The creek starts at the stormwater ponds in Timbermere Park on the west side of Carp Road, heads west underground and then  through the future Potter’s Key neighbourhood and north of Jackson Trails, before heading north under the Queensway, then  east through the Tanger Outlets mall before emptying into the Carp River.

With development intensifying in the area, the City is looking at options to rehabilitate Feedmill Creek.  As staff puts it: “Future development will significantly increase the imperviousness of the subwatershed. The additional runoff volume generated by the increased imperviousness can result in potential impacts on the creek, including flooding, erosion and degraded water quality.”

In other words: when farmland and forests are replaced with houses, shops and pavement, there are fewer places where rain water and melting snow can be absorbed into the ground, so the water gets channeled into the creek instead. That’s bad for the creek and the ecosystem it supports.

The City of Ottawa has identified a few options for rehabilitating the stream to mitigate against development. An overview of that $1.6-million plan is included in the deck below.  The city is accepting feedback via an online questionnaire until December 9. Note – deadline for comments has been extended to January 15, 2017. You can also contact the project manager, Laurent Jolliet, at or 613-580-2424, ext. 17149

You can find more info on the City’s web site here…

Feedmill Creek Stream Rehabilitation Measures from stittsvillecentral


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