City updates plans for Johnwoods linear park

Johnwoods Linear Park

The Planning Department has received the revised plan for the Johnwoods Linear Park which will be located between Rosehill Drive and Maple Grove Road on the closed portion of Johnwoods Street.  The revisions to the plans involve additional landscaping and modification of all streetlights to low spillage LED bulbs as per the public comments. I encourage residents to review the plans and the response to public comments.

Work will continue in the Spring on this project with the anticipated completion this summer.  This section of Johnwoods was closed in the Fall as it allowed for preliminary work to take place so in the spring, work can be expedited with the plan to have the pathway completed in the summer. While approvals are still being finalized for the co-ordination of the works for the diversion pipe, I have confirmed with City staff that there are no current delays to the project timeline for the pathway construction.

(This post originally appeared on Councillor Shad Qadri’s blog.)



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