Clear skin ahead this spring: Stittsville pharmacist can help

(Stan Tsykov is a Pharmacist and the owner of your local Shoppers Drug Mart at 1300 Stittsville Main Street. Stittsville Central is pleased to share his expertise in health matters.)

Whether it’s cold sores, hives, or sunburns, skin issues always seem to appear at the worst times. However, tending to our skin isn’t merely about aesthetics—it’s crucial for our well-being. Our skin acts as a vital barrier, shielding us from dehydration, harmful bacteria, pollution, and other threats. With pharmacists now having an expanded scope of practice, Stittsville residents can conveniently visit their local pharmacy to address minor skin concerns without the hassle of waiting in line at a walk-in clinic.

Let’s explore how pharmacists, like myself, can assist in treating common skin conditions and restoring a radiant, healthy complexion.

Facing the reality of cold sores: As winter fades away, the urge to embrace the outdoors grows stronger. Yet, it’s important to note that sun exposure can trigger the virus responsible for cold sores. Shockingly, approximately one in five Canadians suffer from cold sores each year. Fortunately, relief is within reach for those affected. A quick visit to the local pharmacy in Ontario can provide a remedy, as pharmacists are equipped to assess and prescribe for cold sores. Say goodbye to waiting in line at a walk-in clinic; your pharmacist offers a range of solutions, from antiviral creams and pills to soothing lip balms. Plus, if you’re seeking advice on concealing that pesky blister, we’ve got you covered there too!

No high fives for hives: Hives, triggered by the release of histamines as a defense against potential allergens, are a prevalent issue among Canadians. In fact, between 20 to 25 percent of Canadians will encounter hives at some point in their lives. Especially during this time of year, when pollen levels soar and insects emerge from hibernation, local cases tend to spike. Fortunately, Ontario residents needn’t fret when faced with a flare-up, as pharmacists are here to assist. We can swiftly provide antihistamines to alleviate itching and reduce swelling, offering both over-the-counter and prescription options. Additionally, we’re equipped with plenty of tips and strategies to help avoid triggers and manage discomfort, whether it’s recommending suitable skincare products or offering lifestyle adjustments.

We’re all in need of sunscreen: Ready for fun in the sun? Not without your sunscreen! Thanks to all things SPF, we can protect ourselves from sun exposure while also reducing our risk of developing skin cancer.

When browsing the sunscreen aisle at your local pharmacy, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Try to pick an SPF that is 30 or higher. SPF is related to the ability to screen out
    the sun’s UVB rays, and an SPF of 30 can block out 97% of UVB rays.1
  • When available, look for broad spectrum as it protects against both UVA and UVB
  • If you are at the beach or pool this summer, look for a water-resistant sunscreen
    to protect you from the sun while splashing around in the water.
  • Don’t forget, it’s not one and done! It’s recommended to reapply sunscreen every
    two hours, or sooner depending on the product label3

Your skin deserves gentle care, and pharmacists are at your service. What’s even better is our availability beyond regular primary care office hours, ensuring prompt acute care for various minor conditions. This not only eases pressure on other healthcare sectors but also provides swift assistance when you need it most.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pharmacist for quick and convenient support with all your health needs. Stan Tyskov is the Pharmacist and owner of your local Shoppers Drug Mart in Stittsville. Visit to find your nearest store.

3 rays#


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