CLOSE KNIT COMMUNITY: Yarn Bombing Project at Goulbourn Museum

Yarn Bombing at the Goulbourn Museum

(Press release from the Goulbourn Museum.)

If you’re nutty for knitting or crazy about crocheting, your skills are being sought for a yarn bombing project at Goulbourn Museum on November 16.

Yarn bombing is the art of adding a knit cover to everything from park benches to entire buses. Known as fibre graffiti, it’s easy to remove yet makes a statement by transforming cold urban landscapes into warm, colourful spaces.

“We would like to add that fibre finesse to the railing in front of the Museum” says Kathryn Jamieson, Curator-Manager of Goulbourn Museum.

The idea to yarn bomb the railing was first raised at Yap & Yarn – the Museum’s informal knitting circle that meets monthly. The finished project will help draw attention to the group as well as add festive flair to the site for the Museum’s Old-Fashioned Christmas & Outdoor Artisan Market being held on November 30th.

“We’re looking for volunteer knitters and crocheters to make swatches in advance and volunteers to help us install them on the 16th. All materials, colours, and patterns are welcome,” says Jamieson. “We will provide coffee, tea and treats, as well as yarn and zip-ties for the outdoor installation.”
If you would like to lend a hand but aren’t available to help with the install, the Museum will happily accept your knitted or crocheted swatches of roughly 8” X 24”.

Jamieson hopes to leave the installation up for several months, but admits weather could play a factor in how long it stays in place. “Once it is taken down, we will wash all the swatches and discuss ways to reuse them at a later Yap & Yarn.”

The yarn bombing will take place from 1-3 p.m. on Sunday November 16. If you would like to get involved, you can email or simply drop by on the day of the event. Tables and chairs will also be set up inside the Museum for those who wish to bring their knitting projects and participate in Yap & Yarn. Everyone is welcome!


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