Cloudy tap water today in Stittsville? It’s probably just air bubbles

Several residents reported that their tap water looked cloudy today. We asked the City of Ottawa about it, and here’s the information they provided:

At times during the year, you may find that your tap water appears cloudy. This is not a health concern. The cloudy water you are experiencing is due to finely dissolved air bubbles that are trapped in the tap water.   As the water warms up slightly in your household plumbing and pressure is reduced through your tap fixture, dissolved air will be released resulting in the “cloudy” white appearance when filling a glass.  The cloudy appearance from air bubbles should disappear within a few minutes as the air is released. To confirm this, pour some cold water into a glass and observe. You should notice the air bubbles gradually disappear from the bottom of the glass upwards, leaving a clear glass of water within 1-2 minutes – see photo below.  If the cloudiness persists, contact the City (3-1-1) to arrange for water quality testing.


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