Clues found! Stittsville Haunted Heritage Tour has a winner

(Caitlin Cooper, husband Kevin, daughters Eloise and Annabel, pose with Garfield the cat of Re-Read Used Books and Joseph Carbonetto to accept the winning $1,000 prize for their work in unveiling the clues in the Stittsville Haunted Heritage Tour Scavenger Hunt for 2020. Photo: Stittsville Central)

Since 2018, Joseph Carbonetto, Founder and someone always reaching out to support the community, has been operating the Stittsville Haunted Heritage Tour – this year there was a twist. After taking the tour, participants were drawn back to the community to discover the haunting hidden clues while supporting several local businesses. As Joseph says, “local supporting local”.

After two days of concentrated effort unveiling the clues, we have a winner! Congratulations to Caitlin Cooper and her family of Stittsville who cracked all of the clues in the Stittsville Haunted Heritage Tours Scavenger Hunt have won $1,000. Caitlin had photographed all of the clues, went to the last location and found the final documented clue at the Stittsville business – Re-Read Used Books.

When Caitlin, husband Kevin and daughters, Annabel and Eloise, were presented with the winning prize, Caitlin exclaimed, “We’re off to do our Christmas shopping!”.

The family, working together were down to the last clue and Caitlin had all but given up, but daughter Eloise was the motivator. “We can’t give up Mom!” Kevin added, “no stone was left unturned in the end”.

Joseph Carbonetto, of Stittsville Haunted Heritage Tours was extremely pleased at the outcome. “The hunt was designed to stimulate people visiting family-based businesses on Stittsville Main Street. We had a tremendous response from these owners and many reported extra business as a result of this. Even though only for 48 hours, the traffic was substantial with most people patronizing the locations as well as coming back to now discover the Stittsville Main Street Experience!”

This was the Haunted Heritage Tours’ way of helping in the re-vitalization of Main Street and support Stittsville’s businesses – Joseph added, “we still have a long way to go but everything helps”.

Joseph used proceeds from the tours to create the prize, as well as donating further amounts to Chrysalis House in honor of Mandy Faulkner and Daniel Viens, owners of Stittsville Market at the Barn. “Mandy and Dan are always there to help and support the community and this was no exception” says Joseph. “They are everyday heroes that promote a great experience with their Farmer’s Markets”.

The Stittsville Haunted Heritage Tour will continue next year in Stittsville (with a more expanded event). This year’s event sold out in no time. Tours will also be happening in Almonte next year and possibly another location as Haunted Heritage Tours will be expanding their rural footprint – stay tuned!

Oh, and the last clue – a letter was secretly hidden under the cushion of the Employee of the Month’s favourite chair – Garfield didn’t have a clue!

Joseph wishes to thank all of the local businesses who made this inaugural Stittsville Haunted Heritage Tour Scavenger Hunt a success by concealing the clues in their businesses –

  • Pretty Pots Flowers and Gifts – love you;
  • Barber on Main – Super Pete!;
  • Stittsville Glass and Sign- Luc and Nancy – the best;
  • CRAVE Tacos- Jeff Robinson rocks!;
  • Main Street Cafe – Johnny Monk; you are such a hero dude; and finally,
  • Re-Read Used Books. You folks are the true heart of Stittsville…and we want you to keep beating!

We thank you Joseph for always keeping it local!


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