Colin Simonds running Stittsville streets for the food bank

Have you seen a young marathon man running down your street? If so, it is Colin Simonds, a Stittsville resident and PhD student at Queen’s University. Colin loves to run and what better way he felt than to put his passion in play, challenge himself and raise money at the same time.

National food banks are struggling to meet demand and they are required now more than ever and he wants to share this message. His ingenious contribution to raise money for our Stittsville Food Bank is to run. And his run started on June 1st. He has mapped out his course and will be running every street in Stittsville, while raising needed money locally.

While running the whole of Stittsville (in line with the Ward 6 map), he will have ran a total of over 220km over a two-week timeframe – equivalent to about a half marathon per day. Broken down, this should equal $2.50 per kilometre and is hoping you will contribute to his cause.

(Colin Simonds has his course mapped as he runs to raise funds for the Stittsville Food Bank.)

He has a goal of $2,200 and plans to raise funds until June 15th. In just two days he has already surpassed his goal and has raised $2,561 (as of this writing) thanks to the members of our community.

How do you donate? Through the Canada Helps facebook page at

Colin will also be providing updates and a map of his daily chosen route at When you see Colin on your street – go out and cheer him on and then DONATE!

“It’s important to me that our effort to help the people in our community doesn’t come at the cost of others, and so I’m very happy to share that the foodbank has agreed to use the money of this fundraiser to go towards fresh produce and other plant-based food to keep our community and our planet healthy,” says Colin.


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