Collision at Carp and Hazeldean injures three seniors

Emergency services teams responded to a collision around noon today at Carp and Hazeldean between a car and a pick-up truck.

Paramedics treated three occupants in the car. A 77-year-old woman had a fractured arm and possible internal injuries and is in serious but stable condition.  An 80-year-old woman and 81-year-old man suffered minor injuries The 21-year-old driver of the pick-up truck had minor injuries, according to paramedics.

From Ottawa Fire Services: “Persons in the pickup truck did not require assistance however, 3 persons inside a car were unable to get out.  The extrication was basic in nature as only the passenger door was removed from the car to access the patients.  However, the incident required OFS personnel to work closely with Ottawa Paramedic Service to remove the elderly patients carefully from the damaged vehicle.”

It’s the second serious accident in less than a month at that intersection. A 24-year-old male suffered serious injuries in a Victoria Day rollover.

Ottawa Fire Services also offered this reminder to motorists: “We would like to take this opportunity to remind motorists to drive carefully when emergency crews are working at incident.  It is best to avoid the area or find a suitable detour that will not hinder emergency operations.  Vehicles not involved in the collision are to yield right for emergency vehicles trying to access the scenes and the persons requiring assistance.  If you are the first person at a motor vehicle incident please approach the scene only if it is safe to do so.  It is advisable to remain in your vehicle on fast moving highways and roadways as passing motorists may not see you if you exit your vehicle. Call 9-1-1 as soon as it is safe to do so.  Remember, you are our eyes and ears to the emergency.  Our Dispatch staff will ask questions to help best locate the caller and assess the conditions surrounding the emergency.  We encourage you to remain calm, answer the Dispatcher’s questions and to stay on the line until advised to hang up.”


3 thoughts on “Collision at Carp and Hazeldean injures three seniors”

  1. Hope this crash was not a case of first vehicle going southbound on Carp Rd Vs second vehicle northbound on Carp trying to turn left to go west on Hazeldean.

    There is a dangerous sight line deficiency for the above two vehicle movements // very hard for the second car turning left to see through vehicle traffic approaching from the north.

    This was reported more than a year ago to Councillor Qadri but no intersection modifications have been made. His young upstart traffic engineer tried to deny the problem.

    It’s especially bad when cars are lined up in the southbound turning lane waiting to turn left to go east on Hazeldean. They block the view of southbound through traffic for northbound drivers turning left.

      1. I totally agree… instead of having traffic constantly waiting at this intersection it would make it flow much faster and would be much safer overall.

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