COMMENT: Fix the Carp-Hazeldean intersection

Photo via Wendy Wright / @wrightofwayCFRA

(ABOVE: Photo via Wendy Wright / @wrightofwayCFRA)

Yet another collision at the intersection of Carp Road and Hazeldean Road, and residents are again calling for safety fixes at the intersection.

Is there any reason to believe the City will respond any differently this time?

Last night, police charged a male driver with impaired driving in a two-car collision at around 7:40pm. At least one person went to hospital with injuries.

City staff say that traffic isn’t heavy enough to justify any configuration changes. According to the latest collision stats, it isn’t among worst ten collision spots in the city.  (We tried to find out the number of collisions at Carp and Hazeldean over the past few years, but it costs $108 to get the numbers.)

But the city’s data doesn’t capture the frustration and near misses that happen all the time at the intersection.  The hill and the curve leading to the intersection create a sort of blind spot, especially for drivers heading north on Carp.  Add a bit of speed (or alcohol) and you’ve got a really bad intersection.

Do we really have to wait for the number of collisions to climb — or a fatality — to get some action?

A quick (and presumably inexpensive fix) would be to add an advanced left green arrow for northbound cars.  It won’t prevent every incident but it would be a start.

“I think the city needs to look at how the intersections are being designed. I think they need to get their eyes out there to actually see what’s happening in person,” said Tanya Hein, president of the Stittsville Village Association, in June 2016 after another bad accident.

Well said.

Carp and Hazeldean intersection
Carp and Hazeldean intersection. Via Google Maps


Some recent tweets about the intersection:


5 thoughts on “COMMENT: Fix the Carp-Hazeldean intersection”

  1. Why is it so hard to have advanced green in both directions from Carp onto Hazeldean? I have a small car and I can’t see to turn safely if there is someone waiting to turn onto Hazeldean from the other direction. There is a hill. I’ve been told people in large pick up trucks have the same issue. Are the authorities waiting for someone to die before they make a simple change?

  2. Is it THAT difficult to install an advance green light from Carp to Hazeldean? I have to make that turn every day, sometimes a couple of times a day. I wait until I’m sure I can make the turn, so if that means buddy behind me is losing his mind, and blowing his horn to make me turn…well it’s not working. I’m not turning until the intersection is clear.

  3. All four directions should have a left-turn light at this intersection. It’s always been bad. Also, traffic lights in Ottawa, even in Stittsville, have no consistency when they have count downs. They should be the same everywhere — count down to zero, then turn yellow then red. The current randomness leads to driver confusion, and often expects the driver to keep his/her eyes way off the road watching count downs that are … way off the road!

  4. Across from this intersection. There is a gas bar when you gas up no matter what time. There are always issues there concerning vehicles bicycles pedestrians. The ambulances have been there numerous of times and police etc. Why not just fix the problem. It has been even worse since they added a bicycle lane. Starts then stops. You need eyes everywhere for this intersection.
    Please note everyone I know in Stittsville or lives in Carp talks about this intersection. Some even drive another way if they can go down Kittiwake to avoid that corner.

  5. I came along to that intersection last Monday at around 8:10 p.m. just after the accident had happened. Everything dark except for the flashing lights etc which were blinding the intersection. Wanted to turn left, East, to go home but instead went straight on and went the long way around to go home which is in Amberwood Village. Fix the intersection!!!!!

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