COMMENT: Happy first birthday to Quitters!

Dog owners gather for a pack walk in front of Quitters last October. Photo via Janet Burns / Dog Dayz Daycare and Training.

(ABOVE: Dog owners gather for a pack walk in front of Quitters last October. Quitters owner Kathleen Edwards is wearing a white shirt in the middle. Photo via Janet Burns / Dog Dayz Daycare and Training.)

If you’re in town this weekend, make a point of stopping in at Quitters and saying “thank you” to owner Kathleen Edwards and her staff.

It was Thanksgiving weekend last year that she first opened the coffee shop on Stittsville Main Street just south of Abbott Street.

Besides serving up some great coffee, food and drinks to our community, she’s also given us a glimpse of what’s possible for Stittsville Main.

She transformed a former antique shop into a neighbourhood hub that’s become Stittsville’s biggest tourist attraction.

Tom Power, host of CBC Radio 2’s national morning show, mentions Quitters and Stittsville just about every time he spins one of Kathleen’s songs.  Her fans from across the country make a point of trekking out to us when they’re in the Nation’s Capital. You might even run into one of her famous music friends while they’re in town, like when Bryan Adams dropped by last winter.

On every weekend during the summer, there’s a steady stream of cyclists who take a detour off the Trans Canada Trail to grab a bite to eat.    And the shop has become an unofficial boardroom for many work-from-home entrepreneurs.

Next time you see Kathleen, ask her about some of her ideas for the shops and services that she’d like to see nearby on Stittsville Main.  She’s given me hope that it’s still possible to reclaim the village vibe that’s been missing from the street.

I hope we can find more local business owners like Kathleen who can bring the same level of vision, energy and enthusiasm to our community.

Happy birthday Quitters!


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