COMMENT: Problems being exposed in our parks and on pathways


With the Spring thaw starting, we have been receiving and hearing complaints about dog owners and their dog’s business. Okay you think its hidden in winter, but alas when the warm weather arrives, all is exposed.

It is not fair to expect people to enjoy our parks and pathways when they are slip, sliding away in your dog’s excrement! Every year it is the same sight because of irresponsible dog owners and you know who you are. There is no excuse I’ve heard that gives merit for not picking up after your pet.

As an owner of two dogs, I can’t emphasize enough that this lack of responsibility ruins it for everyone while penalizing those pet owners, not to mention our pets, who are responsible by cleaning up after their pet.

(Photo: Pinterest)

This is just one reason the places are diminishing in number where we can take our dogs for an enjoyable walk. There are more reasons, but that’s another story for another day.

Please pick-up after your animals, or any others for that matter, so everyone can enjoy our pathways and parks!



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