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Comments of the Week

Every week we get lots of comments from our readers on our web site, via email, and social media.  Here’s a sample of what we heard this week.  Add your thoughts to the comments at the bottom of this article or email

Re: Who’s running in the new federal riding of Carleton

TORI ROBERTS: “Great articles on the new Carleton riding. Thank you! Very informative and helpful. I hope there’s a high voter turnout for this next election in Stittsville and the rest of the riding. Information is key and I appreciate your efforts to be transparent and diligent in keeping Stittsville residents informed and engaged.”

VALERIE WRIGHT: “I live in Stittsville and am a putative member of the NPP (No Party Party), and believe in learning about all the candidates before I choose one to support, volunteer for, and vote for. It was at your site I learned that Deborah Coyne is running for the Greens…..nowhere else yet. Thank you for setting up this alternative information site for Stittsville.”

Re: Residents question health of Poole Creek Wetland

JAYME: “What this group did was right and they have a legit case but in Ottawa over the past 5-10 years there have been many cases of false claims and it was nothing more then anti-development groups pushing their agenda.”

CAROL TRAVERSY: “Thank you for drawing attention to this. Yesterday it was difficult to find water at all. It is heartbreaking to think of the struggle for life all the fish, turtles, birds, frogs, beavers, muskrats, vegetation etc. now have. This was an explosion of nature before the drain and the City of Ottawa’s diligent efforts to rescue us all from the risk of flooding. No risk.”

DEVYN: “People should not be interfering with wildlife. Nature knows what it’s doing. It would be better had there never been a municipal drain going through this wetland, but we can’t change that now so we need to let the experts deal with it.”

ELSIE: “These wetlands should never be destroyed. nor ever built on.
leave mother nature alone.”


Re: Cycling safety audit lists Queensway bridges as worst in Kanata North

MICHAEL BRYAN: “ALL riding on roads used by motor vehicles is in my opinion – ‘not recommended for cycling.’ They need their own separated roads and paths because — under the present sharing of roads meant for motor vehicles — they are a hazard to themselves and to the motorists who have to swing into oncoming lanes to avoid them. This is so self evident as simple common sense, but cyclists will stubbornly continue causing accidents and getting themselves killed in shockingly high numbers.”

KEVIN HAYES: “The highway traffic act covers these situations. You are free to pass a cyclists when it is safe to do so. If it isn’t safe to do so, then you are to slow down and pass the cyclist when it is safe. Cyclists are rarely at fault in these accidents. More often than not, it’s drivers who do not have the patience to wait to pass safely.
Any driver who can’t handle this situation has no business driving and should have their license revoked. The solution is not dedicated cycling roads, but better driver training and enforcement of infractions.”


Re: 19 years and counting for the Kunstadt Open Tennis Tournament

IAN WHITE: “Please, let’s not forget Roy Hayter and Edna White who put much work into persuading the Goulbourn Township to build the Glen Cairn tennis courts in the mid-1970s, before Glen Cairn became part of Kanata in 1979.”


Re: Dragon’s Lair Beads is leaving Stittsville for Almonte

DANIELLE DE GRUCHY LORD: “Sad to see such a great business leave Stittsville but I can see why Almonte is the perfect fit – wishing you the best of luck in your new location!”

JANA DINELLE: “Glad you are staying open! Good luck in the new location. Almonte is getting a good one!”

LINDA GIBBINS: “Sorry to have you leaving Stittsville, you were so very handy. But Almonte sounds like a great fit and not too far away. See you there.”


Re: What can be done about Stittsville’s dog waste problem? 

MELANIE ROSS: “You know what ,I was looking through my window and a guy with two dogs he didn’t pick it up after his dog, he left it on someone’s driveway, so I went outside, followed him and asked him do you have any poo bags ? He said no, “I forgot them”. He was shocked I caught him . It looks bad for us responsible dog owners.”


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