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We are pretty happy with the selection for day one of the launch, but we are even more excited to add some more local favourites.

Ottawa has a ton of great breweries and we look forward to being able to bring them to customers in Stittsville. The licensing only allows us to sell cans, 6 packs and bottles with less than 750mL. That eliminates any local breweries that only sell growlers (like Covered Bridge and Ashton) unfortunately. However, there are a lot of other great local breweries that sell cans and bottles. Keep an eye out!

Jeff Mitchell
Store Manager, Brown’s Independent



Barn should stay where it is. Moving it to Munster to act as a museum for city kids would completely erase the heritage value — it would be “just another” beautiful barn out in the country. The historical significance is THIS barn at THIS location to preserve the connection to the area’s rural history and the farming community who lived here. Plus it will send a message that this stretch of Hazeldean Rd should not just turn into another Merivale Rd disaster that we will be trying to unwind decades from now.

I agree with other commenters, based on what I heard during this committee meeting, I think the developer has a tenant lined-up and they want to do a quick, template retail strip. They’ll add a pitched roof to the Dollar Store (or something equally meaningless) as a nod to the previous rural history.

If local Councillors don’t fight for better development and community friendly design in their wards, what will they fight for? I don’t get it — seems like a political no-brainer.

B. Harrison


Difficult situation for sure. It is a looming monster of an edifice, which adds to the difficulty. Builders are (often) set on profit, not what is best for the community. In my opinion, if it did lose heritage status, the builder should be obligated to create a community accessible structure the same size as the foundation and with a heritage look to it (for farmers markets, art shows, new location for the museum, what-have-you).

Again, I’m not in favour of ripping down the barn, but I am in favour of insisting there should be a mutually beneficial replacement if that ends up being the case – something to showcase the heritage that Stittsville is trying to hold on to (which is important) but also our willingness to adapt – within reason. The issue can be resolved with a grey paintbrush – not just black or white.




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  1. I don’t think the barn should be moved but this idea they need to fight for better development go ask people just around the new food basics everyone will have a different take on what better development is.

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