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Comments of the Week

Every week we get lots of comments from our readers on our web site, via email, and social media.  Here’s a sample of what we heard this week.  Add your thoughts to the comments at the bottom of this article or email

Re: Developer exasperated by vandalism to heritage home

Karen Prytula: “First of all, the City should never have been allowed that property to be rezoned. It should only have been purchased by someone who wanted a rural residence, or farm. Why is the owner allowed to let it deteriorate? My guess is he is allowing it to get vandalized to a point where there is no choice but to tear it down, a common scheme among developers. If he is really going to do something, what is the hold-up? Doing nothing, is allowing the vandalism to continue, and in my mind is just as guilty as vandalizing it.”

Keldine FitzGerald: “It’s very sad to see such lovely homes being destroyed. Surely the best way of keeping vandals out would be to keep them occupied until such time as owners are ready to do something useful with them. I’m sure there are people around who would happily play a caretaker role by living in these places. I’m also sure that having such a house as this mixed in with a new development would be a strong selling point to potential buyers.”

Ben Kirkwood:While I agree that the damages are not the fault of the owner, it seems clear that he is taking advantage of the fact that this property is not on the historic registry. If he, indeed, planned in preserving the building it would not be left in such disrepair from the weather over the last 10 years. Had it been on the registery the roof would have been repair, openings and glass properly boarded and security measures taken to ensure no trespassing is enforced.”

RI Crew: “This is horrible – why can’t people just respect other people’s property. Individuals should be responsible for their own actions versus this developer having to hire security or buy security cams.”


Re: Site of demolished home was once “Glen Eden”, home to champion Clydesdales

Andrea Gregoire: “Thanks for the wonderful piece of local history. I grew up in a farming community and love to read about these old farms and the fantastic people who worked the land before us.”

Andrea Lavigne: “What a great article! I think many of us have wondered over the years about that property as we drove by going to and from hockey games.”


Re: City staff recommends lights, not roundabouts, for Carp Road

Steve Kuhnle: I have a hard time wrapping my head around the whole “pedestrians yield to cars” idea. Most of our lights in Stittsville count down from 30+ seconds due to an aging population as well as many young children. By the name of big trucks or even maniac drivers on Carp, let’s just keep the circles away for now.”

Steve Drennan: “Reading the article, the comment about them being worse for cyclists is ridiculous. I am a cyclist and a motorist and roundabouts are fantastic for cyclists as they allow for quick, easy fluid travel and no worries about cars accelerating to run red lights. Roundabouts take up more room but that is the only drawback as they are great at solving all other problems.”

Linda: “I do not support the traffic circles at all. With working in Orleans and see the traffic circle at Jeanne D’Arc and St. Jospeh and the daily nightmares it brings. Stick with the traffic lights.”

Karen Prytula: “It would be totally unnatural for the City to do what the people want. Now the people will add six minutes to their commute with the installation of traffic lights….all those cars idling, wasting gas for an addtional six minutes. I thought the City did not want idling.”


Re: Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority set to expand wetland regulation

Keldine FitzGerald: “Thank you for posting the MVCA information! It’s about time they got on with it, though I wish they’d done it before the wetland behind us was so damaged. It will recover, if the gravel and stone is removed, and plays a vital part in the water management of the southwest area of Stittsville, especially Cypress Gardens. Meanwhile, where there’s no added stone, there is healthy wetland growth.”


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