COMMENTS OF THE WEEK: Long Meadow name change, Potter’s Key zoning

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Street Sign: Long Meadow Way at Manchester Street


Faith Blacquiere: “Wards are established and re-established in order to provide for municipal government representation for certain population levels. There are no guarantees that the Ward 6 boundaries will remain the same in a future ward boundary review. Will Canada Post be asked to change the addresses if they are? There can be many “communities” in any one ward. Stittsville, as a ward, is not a municipally-separate entity – it is a collection of communities which have different development histories. These Canada Post problems can occur in other areas of the City as well because the postal codes seem to have been based on the former municipalities – perhaps Canada Post should be asked to change them all to Ottawa and rely on the postal code for delivery. My mail still gets to me even when it is addressed to Hazeldean, one of the pre-1978 Township of Goulbourn urban areas. When people ask where I live, I reply Glen Cairn or Kanata or Ottawa, depending on the situation.”

Keldine FitzGerald: “As a resident of Elm Crescent, soon to become what?, I fully agree that there should have been a meeting on this issue held in Stittsville, with residents of all the streets concerned — the ones to be changed and the ones with the so-called greater claim. I also agree that such a change is not necessary. We have so far had 6 different addresses in the same house, and are quite fond of the name “Elm”, the only staple among all those changes. Other cities manage, both in Canada and other countries. This is an arbitrary action on the part of the City of Ottawa when there are many more important things that could be done, such as using some vision and imagination in planning and city design instead of plodding along attending to minutiae. Yes, it can cause confusion when names sound similar, but it would be better to train people to listen and observe properly in order to remove ambiguity.”

Tracy Stewart: “Instead of changing either name, I think we should simply place the onus on people to ensure their reading skills are up to par. Much ado about nothing.”

Minto's Potter's Key
Sign at Minto’s Potter’s Key development on Hazeldean Road.


Tanya Hein: “I understand Councillors Leiper and McKenney were trying to make a point, but I’m not sure withholding support for the kind of consideration for compatibility they want in their own wards is the best way to achieve it. Why not support change that confirms precedent and encourages respect for the reasonable concerns of residents, no matter their ward?”


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