Comments of the week: Off-leash dogs, heritage funding, more

Comments of the Week

Every week we get lots of comments from our readers on our web site, via email, and social media.  Here’s a sample of what we heard this week.  Add your thoughts to the comments at the bottom of this article or email

Re: LETTER: Off-leash dogs limit enjoyment of paths

Liv: “Dogs that are agressive or don’t listen should not be off leash but if it’s a harmless friendly dog then I don’t see the problem.”

Vivian McLean: “I am an animal person, but EVERY animal has what I call the “unknown quantity”. Under any set of circumstances, your pet may be friendly, but change those circumstances even marginally, and things can change very quickly. On a trail, with various stimuli to test a dog’s curiosity, your otherwise well-behaved pet can turn on a dime. I am a senior, who enjoys walking the trails, and am not afraid of dogs. However, I am also very aware that if I ever fell, things could go horribly wrong for me very quickly. A dog running toward me, jumping up, etc is not something I feel I need to contend with.”

Tim: “My dog is awesome, and loving, but is very loud and a timid breed. She barks at a lot of things when we are out. If she is off leash she will run at you bark madly. I am 100% confident that she will do no physical harm, zero. That being said, my choice to have a dog is not for everyone to have to deal with. Parks are for everyone, and as a dog owner you have no idea what other people are dealing with. Maybe someone has a massive phobia. Its not for you to decide or impose on others. You are not entitled to have your dog off leash unless you are in a ‘legal off leash park’.”


Re: Ottawa lags behind in heritage funding

Ian White: “The former Township of Goulbourn and its near neighbors have a feast of buildings and other features which have been virtually ignored by the new City of Ottawa and also by the organisation ‘Heritage Ottawa’. Bruce S. Elliott and a few others are now making a real effort to change this shameful neglect. This forum was the beginning of what must become a realistic and balanced approach in the very near future.”


Re: RUNNING ON EMPTY: Owner silent on plans for old gas station

Rick: “Is it a coincidence that after years of rotting, the old derelict gas station is suddenly being cleaned up? Hopefully we don’t just plop another doomed-to-fail-poorly marketed business in it’s place… but I’m probably dreaming in technicolour.
Good article!”


Re: CANDIDATE Q&A: Pierre Poilievre (Conservative Party)

Devyn Barrie: “It just looks like he read talking points off a script… where is his authenticity? It honestly looks like he sent his answers in an email! And he says he lives in Greely here, but his website claims he is a Barrhaven resident. Furthermore, he didn’t say why Winston Churchill was his hero, so he only partially answered that question.”


Re: VIDEO: Breathtaking views of Bradley-Craig Farm

Jessica: “Wow, beautiful. I find the contrast between the aging barn and the open rural land, with the busy-ness of Hazeldean Road and the retail beyond, to be both telling, and very sad.”


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