Comments of the week: Quarries, Alfonsetti’s, skateboard parks, more

Comments of the Week

Every week we get lots of comments from our readers on our web site, via email, and social media.  Here’s a sample of what we heard this week.  Add your thoughts to the comments at the bottom of this article or email

Re: Quarry parties a balancing act for owners and police

KAREN VON JAGOW: “I love going to the quarry for a swim on a hot, humid day – as does my Black Lab! And as a thank you to the quarry owners I do my bit by taking a black garbage bag and picking up any debris left behind. Going to the quarry has been a high school ritual since my kids were teenagers, just a few years ago. But what I don’t understand is the increasing disrespect for private property I see around me each time I go. Litter abounds, not only on the shore but also in the water in the form of plastic bags, pop cans, beer bottles, and food wrappers. I want to scream at these kids “Are you stupid?” The quarry owners know you are here, and they allow you your freedom away from mainstream, a place to just hang out away from everyone and you throw it back in their face. Just think!! Perform a simple act of respect when you leave – take what you brought with you. It’s as simple as that. If you do so, you have a summer of carefree swimming, cliff-jumping and hanging out with friends in front of you – if you don’t, you will be the ones to ruin what has been a rite of passage for many local teenagers over the past years.”

DEBBIE LACKEY: When we were kids, some of the best swimming could be had at a quarry. Cavanaghs should be praised as it gave us some place to go. All good as long as you didnt take the occasional bulldozer for a ride. Thanks for the memories!”

JIMMY: “This will continue until someone gets hurt and the parents blame the quarry. Entering the quarry is a willful act by people who are old enough to know there are dangers there, and instead of lawyering up, we, as a society, should be saying – if you get hurt, it’s you’re own fault.”


Re: Old Alfonsetti’s building torn down

JEFF DOWD: “My 1st job was there as a diswasher in 1986. Back then it was the “Cottage Restaurant ”

@MACKLEMOTHER: “So sad even though it’s been closed for years. No more Salad Isabella.”

ANITA FLEICE: “…THE BEST food and THE NICEST people! What’s the creamy pasta with bacon…? No one has ever made it nearly as good…. So sad…”

CATHY SMITH COOTE: This was the first restaurant that hubby and I went to when we moved to Stittsville back in 1997.”


Re: Stittsville skateboard park doesn’t do the trick

JOAN PALMER: “I absolutely agree that we need a proper skateboard park in Stittsville, one made from concrete, not wood. The kids who skateboard are mostly nice, well behaved kids and they should be encouraged. Not every kid wants to or can afford to play hockey and other competitive games. Non combative, cheap. great exercise, etc. And I agree with Joe that it shouldn’t be tucked in some back yard, as this only encourages anyone who sells or uses drugs, etc., to hang around. It seems to be a fairly clean sport,so let’s try to keep it that way.”

JOE: “I’m not an expert, but I see the kids at Kanata regularly . There is a vibe there. The kids are in the zone, with rituals of control, display, advance. I love seeing them. I would hate to deprive this from the Stittsville kids. A serious effort should be made to also provide Stittsville with one of those curvy concrete parks. None of that hollow sounding woody straight ramp stuff.”

JENNIFER FRYER: “I hope this post sees more likes and support. This is a fantastic move for the kids in this community. I have seen many posts on other groups about the mischief that some have been getting into over the last few weeks. Imagine the difference one park could make!”

CHRISTINE STEADMAN: “Please consider combining it with Parkour,.. aka, street running. It’s all the same concept. There is one place on Main Street that would be great! Our eldest son is a parkour/urban training coach.”

Re: Stage is set for Canada Day in Stittsville

K. NESTOR: “Thanks for a great canada day party. Much enjoyed by 6 and 3 year old and parents. Elsa was great, the kids games were so nice and simple but fun , swinging ladder, etc were great. Loved the retro rats band!”


Re: ‘Wiches Cauldron closed Tuesday after break-in

AMY LEE: “What is going on in Stittsville? It seems like there has been a high volume of mischief-related incidents and theft. This isn’t the Stittsville we know and love. Something needs to be done to curb this. A community meeting to discuss with local government representation and community constables from the OPS could be a good place to start.”



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