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Comments of the Week

Every week we get lots of comments from our readers on our web site, via email, and social media.  Here’s a sample of what we heard this week.  Add your thoughts to the comments at the bottom of this article or email

Re: City staff recommends lights, not roundabouts, for Carp Road

@ottawop: “Typical 1-sided view hating cars & those who drive them. Facts shows Cdn streets among safest in world.”

Andre: “City planners should seriously visit the UK and drive around for a while. They would find that roundabouts work extremely well, and traffic flows as well as it can. People here aren’t comfortable because they are not experienced with them, plus many drivers don’t know how to use them properly. This can make them a little intimidating. Education is the key. If people can learn the correct way to use them, they will reap the benefits of better traffic flow. No waiting for lights.”

Amy Lee: “I’m pleased that city officials have recommended traffic lights. Roundabouts serve a purpose in specific environments but Carp Road is not one of them. There are already traffic lights at Kittiwake and Westbrook that function quite well. I use the road twice a day, and I don’t see why or how a roundabout at each of these intersections would be better than a traffic light.”

Laurie Scheer: “I want to see roundabouts where ever possible. While appreciating the concern for expense and “footprint”,  can’t we please look forward? A little visionary attitude, please. What we do now will effect us for decades! We all use and pay for these roads. There are more of “us” then then there are local houses and businesses being effected.”

Joe Rancourt: “I like roundabouts, I just don’t like how most people don’t know how to use them. Not sure Carp road would be a good place to force people to learn. Volume is pretty heavy and one wrong move will shut down the main valve to Stittsville.”

Cathy Dabee: “I live in Timbermere, so would definitely be affected by whichever goes on these intersections.   I do prefer round-a outs, as they work extremely well. ”

Angela Boucher Wallace:Roundabouts are amazing! I spent a year in Stockholm where I could count the number of stop signs and lights on 1 hand practically! They don’t go down when the power is out, save on electricity, and other than a bit of landscaping, they are maintenance free and keep traffic moving! One of the things I was actually dreading about coming back to Ottawa was the constant stop/go when driving! Roundabouts really are the way to go!”

Liz Haunts: “Traffic Light for me please. How do people get out of business and homes on Carp Road? It’s already crazy with the few lights that are along there. They would work better if they were actually timed properly. How do pedestrians cross at roundabouts? I’ve driven in Europe too where their roundabout are effective. But the ones I’ve driven on are much larger. More lanes, and the roundabout is not the size of a dime. How do the large trucks get around the ones that have been popping up in the city? Not enough room in the roundabout to get into the correct lane for your exit. These roundabouts are basically yield signs for all directions.”

Cathy Skinner: “I would have much preferred roundabouts. Traffic keeps moving and people don’t get frustrated hitting red light after red light and taking twice the time to go down a road as it should”

Re: COMMENT: Safety campaign is a sign of failure

Jimmy: “It’s not an admission of guilt over dangerous roads. It’s a sign of the culture of self-entitled drivers putting their selfish driving habits ahead of safety. The roads aren’t dangerous; drivers are.”

Stephen: “Police blitzes are just way too few…I’m a firm believer that a handful of expensive fines and raised insurance rates for those who get caught would correct some of that behaviour – and the fees collected could help us build safer roads.  Sadly I just don’t see a way out of this until technology takes the control of vehicles out of our hands and hands it over to computers.”

Peter: “Sadly, it’s all too common that people like to blame everything and everyone else for their actions. So now it’s not Jonathan’s fault if he speeds down a residential road, it’s the city and their planners. He can’t help it if the road design forces him to press harder on the gas.  Granted perhaps we don’t design the best roadways, not enough consideration for pedestrians and cyclists but let’s be serious here, no one is forcing people to speed.”

Mr. Z: “The streets are not a playground and blaming bad drivers will not protect anyone. More traffic enforcement and more pedestrian friendly road designs can be helpful, but these are not real solutions. Streets with commuter traffic will never be safe for children to play on, nor should they be. If you expect the government or others to protect your children, you are just fooling yourself.”

Jennifer Fryer: “These signs have been used in several different neighbourhoods throughout Stittsville and they DO make a difference. They are certainly not as effective as law enforcement of speed limits but they are a last line of defence for pedestrians and a good reminder for each and every driver in all neighbourhoods. We do what we can, which is absolutely better than doing nothing at all.”

Natalie Barnes:I agree, a waste of money and effort. Many residents on Liard st have been working for years to have traffic-calming measures in place with no success. A lot of talk and emails but nothing done as of yet!”


Re: Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority set to expand wetland regulation

Gord McCormick: “Excellent article! these types of programs can make a change in property value and owner flexibility. So homeowners, buyers and sellers will want to research these types of issues (solar farms, wind farms, and more) that could affect their property values and marketability. Rideau Valley Conservation Authority is also a good resource for many in our region.”


Re: Junior B hockey team will play as Royals, not RAMS this season



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  1. Thank you for posting the MVCA information! It’s about time they got on with it, though I wish they’d done it before the wetland behind us was so damaged. It will recover, if the gravel and stone is removed, and plays a vital part in the water management of the southwest area of Stittsville, especially Cypress Gardens. Meanwhile, where there’s no added stone, there is healthy wetland growth.

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