Commercial development proposed for corner of Huntley and Fallowfield

2403 Huntley artist concept

The City has received a zoning bylaw amendment request that would allow a commercial building at 2403 Huntley Road at Fallowfield, across the street from Karters’ Korner.

The site is currently zoned as “RU” (Rural Countryside), and the applicant wants it change to “RC” (Rural Commercial, Sub- Zone RC11). Here’s some of the rationale offered by the applicant:

– There are very few purely rural (in the sense of “agricultural”) properties within the vicinity of this site, which is actually surrounded by residential, industrial and commercial uses.

- Growth and development in the Stittsville community is inexorably moving eastward toward this site, but there is currently very little general commercial in the immediate area. A number of small business owners, representing clean, non-industrial enterprises, have already expressed an interest in this proposed commercial venue, as discussed below.

- The site is located at an intersection which already sees significant Stittsville-related traffic. A new small-scale commercial development here would be consistent with the existing traffic load.

- The Owner’s proactive invitation for feedback from the surrounding community elicited some cautious support, strong advice to avoid certain incompatible occupancies (in particular, any “gas station”), and no strong opposition.

- The Owner’s intent is to develop an upscale, high-quality facility which will complement and enhance Stittsville’s traditional “village” character.

You can read all about it here. City staff are accepting comments on the proposal.

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