COMMUNITY NOTES: from the desk of Councillor Gower

Councillor Gower shares many updates for this week’s Community Notes. He wrote an article on the rethink of transit as he looks at bus-centered transportation to Stittsville and Barrhaven. He provides further information on the status of the two dog attacks that took place in our community. If you require woodchips, the location has been moved to the Kanata Rec Centre. The Transportation Committee is meeting this week to review the plan and design to widen Huntmar Drive and to extend Stittsville Main Street. City Council will be voting this week on Part 1 of the updated Transportation Master Plan. A number of events are being planned by the Councillor and his team see below for the list. Updates on the work of various City committees has also been shared by Councillor Gower.

It’s time for a bus-centered rethink of transit to Barrhaven and Stittsville
Last week the Ottawa Citizen published a column that I wrote about future transit infrastructure investments in Ottawa. I wrote: “It’s time to rethink our plans for bringing light rail all the way to Barrhaven and Stittsville, and focus instead on new bus rapid transit (BRT) infrastructure. That’s going to be a controversial idea for many people. For the past two decades we’ve been focused on trains instead of buses, but with rising construction costs and changing travel patterns post-pandemic, the cost of light rail is getting harder to justify — even with help from other levels of government.” You can read my full column here. I welcome your comments – email me at

An update on the dog attack
Last week we learned about a vicious dog attack on a child in our community. A 10-year-old boy was taken to CHEO after he suffered serious injuries when the dog attacked him inside a home in the Fernbank Crossing area. Our thoughts are with the boy and his family, and the other children who witnessed the attack.

Paramedics and by-law officials responded immediately to the scene. The owner surrendered the dog to Ottawa by-law officers and it will be euthanized. Several charges have now been issued to the owner of the dog, and a court date is set for May in relation to the dog attack on the young boy on April 14. The dog itself has been surrendered to by-law and will be euthanized. Last December, another dog owned by the same person attacked and killed a neighbour’s dog. In that incident, the owner refused to surrender the dog to by-law officers. By-law officials are waiting for a court case in June, seeking an order from a judge to seize the animal.

While dog attacks on humans and pets are rare in our community, we do ask residents to be vigilant and ensure that any incidents or concerns are reported. You can call 3-1-1 to make a report to by-law’s animal control officers. Thank you to residents who have contacted us with questions and concerns. This incident has highlighted some serious gaps in the provincial legislation around aggressive animals, and court backlogs are making the situation worse. It’s something that needs to be reviewed and I’ll continue to share updates with the community in the coming weeks.

Free woodchips
The location for free woodchips has changed. They’re now available in the parking lot at the Kanata Rec Centre on Terry Fox Drive. Availability will be on a first come first serve basis. City staff are asking anyone coming by to please bring your own shovel, gloves, and container for easy transport and to abide by the safety instructions posted at each site. The site is open 24/7. When collecting your woodchips please be sure to wear gloves, appropriate footwear and to be aware of other individuals and vehicles at the yards or facilities. The clean-up from the ice storm is continuing and will take several weeks to complete. This includes picking up trees and branches curbside, and cleaning up parks, pathways and other public spaces. Thank you for your patience!

Huntmar widening & Stittsville Main extension Environmental Assessment
On Thursday, the Transportation Committee will review the recommended plan and design to widen Huntmar Drive between Campeau Drive and Maple Grove Road, and to extend Stittsville Main Street between Maple Grove Road and Robert Grant Avenue. Learn more about the plan, including a recommendation for a pedestrian/cycling bridge over the Queensway: Click here…

NOTEBOOK: Moving Forward on Transportation Master Plan Part 1
The Transportation Master Plan is the City’s blueprint for walking, cycling, transit and vehicle networks and it’s the most important policy document we’ll work on this term. This week at City Council, we’ll be voting on Part 1 of the update, including new policies and a list of bike and pedestrian upgrades. Read more & see the list…

Save the dates!
My team is organizing a number of events in the coming weeks – save the dates and watch for more info coming soon!

  • May 6: Jane’s Walk on Stittsville Main Street
  • May 13: Councillor Chat & Slow Down For Us sign giveaway
  • May 28: “Mission to Mars” family bike ride
  • June 17: Welcome to Stittsville Multicultural Festival
  • July 1: Canada Day Flag Raising
  • July 15: Pancake Breakfast at Rouncey Park

Odds & ends from City committees

Get in touch! Écrivez-nous!
If we can help in any way, please email me at or leave a voicemail at 613-580-2476. Please call 3-1-1 if you require immediate assistance. – Councillor Glen Gower


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