COMMUNITY NOTES: from the desk of Councillor Gower

(Councillor Gower led the Stittsville Jane’s Walk on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Participants learned about their community’s local history, plans for Stittsville Main and more. Photo: Barry Gray)

This week, Councillor Gower outlines the proposed curbside garbage policy that is expected to come to Council in June. The Councillor also has some events coming up – his Councillor’s Chat on May 13 and his May 28 family Mission to Mars bike ride. The Planning and Housing Committee received a report called Our City Starts with Home and he has shared a link to his website with more information on the report. The proposed nightlife economy action plan was recently approved by the Finance and Corporate Services Committee. You can find a link to the Councillor’s website for more information.

A garbage truck arrives at the Carp Road Landfill. It's now operated as a transfer station.

City considers new curbside garbage policy to divert waste from landfill
We’ve already had a lot of feedback about the City’s proposed new curbside garbage “Pay-As-You-Throw” policy. Thank you to residents who have contacted us – we’re keeping track of your concerns and trying to answer your questions as they come in.

Here’s what’s proposed:
To reduce unnecessary waste going to landfill and increase participation in recycling and Green Bin programs, the City is considering a new policy to change curbside garbage collection in Ottawa to a partial pay-as-you-throw program.

  • All garbage items placed at the curb would need a tag to be picked up.
  • Households would be given 55 tags per year as a part of their Solid Waste User Fee, included on their tax bill.
  • If households run out of tags before the end of the year, they would have the option of purchasing extra tags for $3 each.
  • A garbage item could be a garbage bag, container or bulky item. Households can put several smaller bags in containers up to 140 litres with no need to purchase additional bags or tags.
  • There would continue to be no limit to how much residents can set out through curbside recycling and green bins.

Check out the overview on my web site along with some frequently asked questions. The recommendations will come to committee and then City Council for discussion and debate in June.

May 13: Councillor Chat
Join me this Saturday, May 13 from 11am to 1pm for our next  Councillor Chat. We’ll be in-person, at Village Square Park (6000 Abbott Street East). This is an informal drop-in where residents can ask a question, share ideas, or just say hello!  We’ll have also have “Slow Down for Us” lawn signs available for pick-up (while supplies last).” Hope to see you there!

May 28: Mission to Mars family bike ride
Join us on Sunday, May 28 for Mission to Mars, a family bike ride on the Trans Canada Trail. We’ll depart from Village Square Park and travel west along the Trans Canada Trail, following the new planetary signage all the way to Mars.  We’ll ride at a leisurely pace, and everyone is encouraged to wear a safe costume and decorate their bikes. The cyclists with the best costume and decorations will win a prize!  Click here for details & registration…

Committee receives report offering affordable housing options
The City’s Planning and Housing Committee received a report called Our City Starts with Home, which could help inform future policies and actions aimed at increasing the supply of affordable housing in Ottawa. Read more…

Committee approves nightlife economy action plan
The Finance and Corporate Services Committee approved the City’s first nightlife economy action plan to develop and promote nightlife activities and experiences between 6 pm and 6 am, and create a more vibrant, diverse, inclusive, viable, safe and well-managed nightlife across the city. Ottawa’s nightlife economy accounted for more than $1.5 billion in spending in 2019, compared to daytime spending totalling $5.5 billion, almost 30 per cent of daytime spending. Vibrant nightlife economies improve job creation, attract talent and investment, economic growth, tourism and city brand building. Read more…

Get in touch! Écrivez-nous!
If we can help in any way, please email me at or leave a voicemail at 613-580-2476. Please call 3-1-1 if you require immediate assistance. – Councillor Glen Gower


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