COMMUNITY NOTES: from the desk of Councillor Gower

Councillor Gower is providing his update for programs, local events and meetings taking place for the week of July 4-9, 2022. Did you lose a tree during the Derecho? You can can request a tree at the links provided below. The City is continuing to provide clean-up of debris from the storm, the Councillor provides a concise round-up of information on this process and programs in place. Mark your calendars for July 7 when Sarah Blakely’s Stittsville Front Porch Concert Series returns to fill the streets of Stittsville with music of every genre. Another in-person Councillor’s Chat takes place on July 9 at Kavanagh Green (Stittsville Main and Hazeldean Road). Blasting is returning to the Fernbank area of Stittsville Taggart’s lands just east of Liard, Caribou, etc.

How to request a tree for your front lawn
The May 21 storm caused significant tree canopy loss in Ottawa. You can request a new tree for your front yard through the City’s Trees in Trust program. Residents who would like a City tree planted in the right of way portion of their property can submit a request online or call 3-1-1. Public works staff will process as many requests as possible for this fall. The City has also extended the June 1st deadline to apply to the Schoolyard Tree Planting Grant Program to October, to allow schools that lost trees from the storm to apply.

More storm clean-up updates
Staff are still conducting tree loss assessments in parks, however re-planting needs will be determined this year and re-planting will occur in 2023. Staff are still focused on storm recovery but will be looking at opportunities to scale-up tree plantings in 2023.

More than 40 per cent of the 1,300 City owned parks were affected by the storm. Much of the remaining clean-up work in these areas will require specialized equipment and contractors to complete, so it will take some time before this clean-up is complete. Meanwhile, 98 per cent of parkland is accessible, and all parks are now safe to use.

Debris Management
Since the storm, the City has collected an enormous amount of tree debris. Thousands of tonnes of tree debris were hauled to six City yards while staff determine beneficial re-use for this organic material. In addition, over 400 tonnes of organic debris was brought to Trail Road for processing.

In efforts to determine beneficial re-use opportunities for tree debris, including wood chips and larger wood pieces, a debris management working group has been developed to look at ways to efficiently manage the existing debris and determine the best options for repurposing it and divert it from landfill.

Specialized Forestry Work
Public Works has identified over 350 uprooted roadside stumps that require removal, collection and disposal. This figure does not include stumps in City parks that will also require removal, collection and disposal. Stump removal, particularly at this scale, is a complex task. A stump removal working group has been developed to determine tactics for the safe removal of these stumps, and how to promptly fill the holes left behind. Uprooted roadside stumps located in the right of way will be prioritized for removal before addressing stumps in parks.

Several Foresters from Public Works have also been engaged to plan for the reforestation of woodlots, forests and ravines. They will assess damaged and dangerous trees, develop plans for removing trees, and work to prepare sites for re-planting, where feasible. For more information, visit

July 7: Stittsville Front Porch Concert Series
This year’s Stittsville Front Porch Concert Series takes place on Thursday, July 7, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at a porch near you. Neighbours can pull up a curb or lawn chair and stay awhile or breeze through to the next performance down the street. This year’s event is raising money for mental health programs offered by the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre. To learn more, and meet event organizer Sarah Blakely, click here…

July 9: Councillor Chat
Join us on Saturday, July 9 from 10:00am-11:00am for our next Councillor Chat. We’ll be in-person again, this time at Kavanagh Green, located near the Stittsville Sign at the corner of Stittsville Main and Hazeldean. This is an informal drop-in where residents can meet Councillor Glen, ask a question, share ideas, or just say hello! Hope to see you there!

Controlled Blasting signage

Update: Blasting operations in Stittsville
We’ve updated our blasting info page:

Included in the update is new information about blasting anticipated to start this month at 6015 Fernbank. That’s Taggart’s lands just east of Liard, Caribou, etc. Residents close to the site will receive a letter with an option to do a pre-construction survey on their homes. We strongly recommend that residents take advantage of this. While damage from blasting is rare, the pre-inspection helps protect you and your home.

Get in touch!
My team and I are working every day to answer your questions and connect residents with the resources they need. If we can help in any way, please email me at or leave a voicemail at 613-580-2476. You can also message us on WhatsApp at 613-277-0193. – Councillor Glen Gower


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