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In this week’s update, Councillor Gower provides additional information on the sporadic power outages in south-end Stittsville that have been taking place since June. He also shares an update from Ottawa Public Health on the vaccine booking appointments opening on July 28th for children aged six months to under five years of age, as well as messaging on the COVID-19 situation in Ottawa. Looking for a career change, the Ottawa Police Service are hiring 80 new recruits – information below. Have you had enough of the noisy vehicles and dangerous drivers around Stittsville? With Project Noisemaker underway, report these incidents to 911. Councillor Gower and his team will be at Village Square Park on August 5 to give out ‘Slow Down For Us’ signs. The installation of traffic calming measures in Stittsville are behind in schedule, but be sure they are forthcoming. Please note, Councillor Gower’s next update will return the week of August 7th.

An update from Hydro Ottawa about recent power outages
I asked Hydro Ottawa to provide more information about recent outages in Stittsville. It seems like we’ve had about one per week since June, affecting mainly the south part of Stittsville.

Some of the equipment failures are related to the additional stress the system was under throughout the D restoration efforts in May. Other outages are due to falling trees and branches. Hydro Ottawa says they are working to bring the grid back to pre-storm reliability levels, and they are not there yet.

Hydro Ottawa is taking the following additional steps to improve system resiliency and limit future outages:

  • We have expanded our forestry program with shorter and enhanced tree trimming cycles;
  • We are increasing our system inspections to find equipment that is problematic and making the necessary repairs to switching equipment;
  • We have deployed additional resources to respond to power outage events;
  • We are deploying infrared scanning to pre-emptively identify assets at risk of failure; and
  • We have adjusted our construction program to limit the risk associated with temporary abnormal system configurations.

I know that these frequent outages are extremely disruptive for residents and I will continue to share updates from Hydro Ottawa. You can read the full response from Hydro Ottawa here…

Update from Ottawa Public Health
COVID-19 Vaccine Bookings to Open for Children Aged Six Months to Under Five Years
As of 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 28, 2022, parents and caregivers of children aged six months to under five years will be able to book appointments for the paediatric COVID-19 vaccine. Stay tuned for more updates on our COVID-19 vaccine web page.

Key messages about COVID-19 in Ottawa

  • The levels of COVID-19 in Ottawa are very high right now, higher than the January Omicron wave.
  • We’re not trying to scare anyone, but if you haven’t yet taken this wave seriously, now’s a good time to start. This is the time for everyone to reassess their behaviours based on the levels of COVID-19 in the community.
  • Every action we take now will pay dividends in the weeks to come. Wearing masks, staying home when sick, getting boosted (and encouraging others to do the same) are things we can all do to minimize the impacts of this wave.
  • Remember: nearly 900K people in Ottawa have received 2 doses, and nearly 600K have received their 1st booster. We know 2 doses aren’t enough, so if you’re up to date on your boosters, please take the time to talk to your friends/loved ones about why you got boosted & why they should too. More info here from OPH…

New recruits sought by Ottawa Police Service
The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) will be hiring 80 new sworn officers in 2022 to support the Service’s mandate as it faces retirements and other staffing needs. Read more…

Project Noisemaker: Hear it. See it. Report it.
Ottawa Police have been providing updates about their enforcement efforts as part of “Project Noisemaker”, focused on stopping excessive speeding and noise.  Last year alone, Ottawa Police laid close to 1200 Speeding and 175 Improper muffler/excessive noise related fines.

Hear it. See it. Report it. Dangerous driving that represents an immediate danger to public safety should be reported to 911.  Traffic safety complaints can be made online: Click here…

August 5: “Slow Down For Us” sign giveaway
We’re giving away “Slow Down For Us” lawn signs at Village Square Park (Stittsville Main @ Abbott) on Friday, August 5 from 11:30am-12:30pm. Please drop by and pick up your sign – while supplies last!

Traffic calming signage along West Ridge. Photo by Barry Gray.

Delays to temporary traffic calming installations
We are seeing significant delays with the installation of new traffic calming measures in our community. City staff tell us all installations will be complete in August. We apologize for the delays.

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