Company of Fools brings a classic to the Stittsville stage

(Shakespeare in the Park – Romeo and Juliet performed by Company of Fools. Photos: Stittsville Central)

Torchlight Shakespeare in the Park found its way to Alexander Grove Park in  Stittsville on August 10 when Company of Fools performed their production of Romeo and Juliet. This is the third time that the ‘Company’ has brought their performances to Stittsville. In 2015 they performed The Comedy of Errors and in 2016 they brought The Amazing Adventures of Pericles, Prince of Tyre to our doorstep.

The Romeo and Juliet production was directed by Nicholas Leno, with costumes designed by Vanessa Imeson; Brian Smith was the set designer; and music design was by Alli Harris. There are only six exceptionally talented actors performing the various roles —

  • Leslie Cserepy plays Romeo and Abraham;
  • Andrea Massoud (of Kanata) plays Benvolio, Peter, the Apothecary and Balthasar;
  • Kate McArthur plays the Nurse, Mercutio and Prince;
  • Geoff McBride plays Friar Laurence, Capulet and Gregory;
  • Norah Paton plays Juliet, Montague and Sampson; and
  • Kate Smith plays Lady Capulet, Tybalt and Paris.

Romeo and Juliet was not what you would expect. The audience was actively engaged as the actors improvised their way through the performance with their talent and quick wit. The blood, yes the blood, we do not want to give anything away. The costumes were marvelous and the set (as always) was simple but perfect for this production. The box drum (played by Andrea Massoud) and ukulele (played by Smith and McArthur) was distinctly original.

An entertaining evening for all who attended. If you want to catch the production in another community, Company of Fools will hold their next performance on August 12 in Sandy Hill’s Strathcona Park (the original home of the Company and where this Editor first saw them perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 1990).

Company of Fools will be bringing ‘Sound of Music Sing-a-Long’ to audiences in December. You can follow their activities on Facebook at







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