Concerns over discoloured water at Sacred Heart

Staff at Sacred Heart High School sent a note home to parents today after concerns about water contamination :

I would like to inform parents and guardians about a situation that arose today regarding the water at Sacred Heart High School. It was noted that the hot water in the cafeteria kitchen was discoloured. As a precaution, the maintenance department of the School Board advised the school not to use the water until the source of the discolouration was determined. This investigation determined that this was an isolated problem dedicated to the cafeteria only. The cafeteria was closed immediately. Bottled water was made available to students and staff. The drinking fountains and cold water service has been reinstated and is safe for school use. We appreciate the cooperation of all students and staff.

Councillor Shad Qadri also shared a post on Facebook about the situation:

I was in touch with a vice principal. The issue is contained to the school. It is related to the replacement need of a boiler. My office has informed Ottawa Public Health and I have been advised that the school board has also been infornmed by the school. Bottled water was suppose to be delivered by the school board to the office this afternoon for students and staff.


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