COOL VIDEO: Aerial timelapse at the corner of Carp and Stittsville Main

Screenshot from videographer Rob Hambly's footage of the intersection of Carp Road and Stittsville Main Street.

Videographer Rob Hambly of FitPix is creating instructional videos about drone photography, and he often chooses places in and around Stittsville as his subjects.  Like this time lapse tutorial, featuring footage shot high above the intersection of Carp Road and Stittsville Main Street in front of Brown’s Independent. We’ll share more of Rob’s videos in the coming weeks.



3 thoughts on “COOL VIDEO: Aerial timelapse at the corner of Carp and Stittsville Main”

  1. Transport Canada Regulatory violations observed in this video:

    •at least 30 m away from vehicles, vessels and the public (if your drone weighs over 250 g and up to 1 kg) – Flying over an intersection

    •within your sight at all times – Sitting in Car, during takeoff

    1. Pushing it a little there… the drone was within line of sight at all times… if you’re not looking at it, it doesn’t mean it’s not in line of sight….

      30m away… well I was 90M high… so technically I was within the rules.. but yes, it could be a gray area….

      Thanks for the report though Rowdy.

  2. Hiding behind your interpretation of how 90m high is better than the required 30m away from cars, is not something you might get away with, when something does happen.
    If (or when) that drone fails, it will fall from the sky, and it could hit a car, or worse, a person.
    Transport Canada: “you should generally not fly – in busy, populated areas”.

    The official incident report form online, has a checkbox asking if the drone was flying close to or over a populated zone. Flying over top of cars and/or people and/or houses is simply not legal, no matter at what height. That 30m means 30m aside from it, not above it.

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