Councillor Gower pushing to get shovels in the ground by fall 2022 for Robert Grant extension

The City introduced their draft 2022 budget on November 3, 2021. It goes to Council on December 8th for approval. In the draft 2022 budget, many infrastructure projects are proposed for Stittsville. One that was not mentioned in the 2022 draft budget is “the next phase of Robert Grant Avenue because it is a capital expense and isn’t reflected until after it’s built,” Councillor Gower told Stittsville Central.

The Robert Grant extension is an integral connection for the Fernbank community to Hazeldean Road – eventually connecting to Palladium Drive. This major roadway will alleviate traffic on Stittsville Main Street, Huntmar and Iber Roads. In 2019, Councillor Gower introduced a motion that would accelerate the completion date rather than the expected date of 2031.

I’m pushing hard to have shovels in the ground by fall 2022, stay tuned. That’s the most important transportation project for our community and it looks like things are moving in the right direction,” said the Councillor.

Gower continued, “there are lots of important local infrastructure investments for Stittsville proposed for 2022. There are all important to keep our public roads and buildings in good repair and operating safely. Our community will also benefit from some of the City-wide investments, like hiring 14 new paramedics, property tax reductions for small businesses, and a major investment in electric budgets”.

Many infrastructure, traffic, parks and recreational improvements slated for Stittsville are in the 2022 draft budget. Here are several projects and the expenditures we can expect to see:

Traffic improvements:

  • $750,000 to improve intersection control at Hazeldean Road and Mantra Street – a new road in front of the Value Village / Lowes plaza.
  • $77,000 to improve intersection control at Terry Fox and Cope drives

Infrastructure upgrades:

  • $560,000 for the Beechfern Park Pedestrian Bridge west of Beechfern Street
  • $155,000 to renew the Jonathan Pack Bridge culvert south of Beverly Street
  • $780,000 to repave Hobin Street from Kyle Avenue to Carp Road
  • $2.3 million to renew roads, including:
    o $1.5 million on Abbott Street between Iber Road and Stittsville Main Street
    o $780,000 on Hobin Street from Kyle Avenue to Carp Road

Parks and Recreation upgrades and new projects:

  • $95,000 to install handrails in the arena stands and replace the fire alarm system at the CARDELREC Recreation Complex
  • $8,000 to replace the front canopy at the Johnny Leroux Stittsville Arena and Community Centre
  • $1.1 million to develop Silas Bradley Park
  • $50,000 for a cricket pitch at Bradley Commons Park

Environmental health:

  • $240,000 to decommission the Stittsville Pumping Station sewer connection

For further information and a summary of ongoing and recently completed Ward 6 projects, visit Councillor Gower’s website at:


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  1. The replacement of the small wooden bridge over Pool Creek near Beechfern Drive cost $644,000 to tax payers.

    How did that make sense to decision makers?

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