Councillor says public info session with OC Transpo to be held in New Year

OC Transpo has announced several service changes that take effect January 4. New timetables go into effect the same day. But other than different routing for some 96A trips, there is no change to the frequency of routes for Stittsville residents.

In October, Shad Qadri said that he was working with OC Transpo staff to increase service as of January.  But it now looks like the earliest residents will see additional bus service will be in April.

“Beginning Sunday April 19,  2015, an earlier Sunday morning trip from Stittsville will be provided on Route 96.  This will be done by extending the trip that currently starts at Terry Fox at 7:45 a.m. to start in Stittsville at about 07:21 a.m,” wrote Shad in an email to

“Going forward OC Transpo has also committed to accommodate the increasing rider  capacity on certain express routes by using the articulated buses during the morning run,” he wrote. “I am working with OC Transpo to hold a public information session in the community in the early part of the New Year.  Once a date and location is established I will communicate this information to you along with the rest of the community.”

Here are route changes that will affect Stittsville residents as of January 4.

Route 96A:

  • some trips will travel via Iber Road and Abbott, instead of Fringewood and Granite Ridge
  • before noon, buses will run westbound via Iber and Abbott to Goulbourn Recreation Centre, and eastbound via Granite Ridge and Fringewood to Terry Fox
  • after noon, buses will operate eastbound via Abbott and Iber to Terry Fox, and westbound via Fringewood and Granite Ridge to Goulbourn Recreation Centre


Several changes are in store for nearby residents in Kanata North:

Route 60:

  • shortened route to provide a faster trip for some customers:
  • regular routing to Morgan’s Grant, then continue via Flamborough Way and Terry Fox to March Road
  • Service will be based on projected ridership, with nine trips in both the morning and afternoon rush hour. Sometime in 2015, Route 60 will be rerouted to travel from Flamborough Way via Innovation Drive to serve a new Park & Ride lot.
  • Flamborough Way north of Morgan’s Grant and Halton Terrace will be served by new Route 64

Route 64:

  • new route starting December 22, 2014:
  • will provide new residential areas in Kanata North with direct commuter service to downtown
  • will replace portions of Routes 60 and 68
  • Service will be based on projected ridership, with nine trips in both the morning and afternoon rush hours on weekdays. An Express fare will be required.

Route 68:

  • shortened route to provide a faster trip for some customers:
  • in the morning, will start on Goulbourn Forced Road at Kanata Avenue and travel in the opposite direction around Keyrock, so customers will need to board on the other side of the street
  • will no longer run on Goldridge and a portion of Kanata Avenue, which will be served by new Route 64
  • Service will be based on projected ridership, with eight trips in the morning and seven in the afternoon rush hour.

Route 181:

  • new routing:
  • will follow its regular routing to March, then travel via Herzberg, Terry Fox and Innovation to the Richcraft Recreation Complex
  • Carling and Schneider will still be served by Route 93

For more information visit OC Transpo’s web site.


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