Crossing Guards needed for three Stittsville schools

(Sheila Turner has been a long-time Crossing Guard and loves her job. Photos: submitted)

The Ottawa Safety Council (OSC) is a local non-profit organization that manages the School Crossing Guard program in Ottawa. They are currently experiencing a Crossing Guard shortage and are having trouble finding new guards. This shortage directly impacts residents as there is a risk of not having crossing guards in place to keep children and other members of the community safe during the hectic time before and after school.

Children’s safety is a priority for everyone – and it’s something Ottawa’s Crossing Guards take very seriously.

In Stittsville, the OSC requires Crossing Guards at three schools for both morning and afternoon shifts:

  • Westwind Public School, 111 Hartsmere Drive
  • Guardian Angels Catholic Elementary School, 4 Baywood Drive
  • St. Stephen Catholic Elementary School, 1145 Stittsville Main Street

Every school day, hundreds of Crossing Guards all across Ottawa help students and their families safely travel to and from school. They not only help keep their community safe, but they indulge in the fresh air, get to meet new people, and earn money doing something they enjoy. From students to stay-at-home parents, to work-from-home parents to retirees, Crossing Guards are a diverse team!

One of the current Crossing Guard teams includes an energetic 80-year-old and an ambitious high school student who works an afternoon shift after classes.

Veteran Crossing Guard, Sheila Turner, believes being a Crossing Guard is an important part of the community. “Over the years, I have grown attached to the community in which I work. I’ve watched the kids grow up and graduate from both of the schools that I service. I’ve watched their families grow with new siblings and new fur babies as well…I have gained the trust and respect from the people in the community, and that means a lot to me. It makes my job very rewarding.”

With over 3 million safe crossings annually, there is no doubt that Ottawa’s Crossing Guards are a reliable and integral part of their communities, which may be why Ottawa’s Crossing Guards return school year after school year.

While some Crossing Guards use the opportunity to earn some income, others enjoy giving back, like the flexible schedule, and want to be a part of a close-knit team. There are many different reasons Ottawa’s
Crossing Guards love what they do!

(Stewart McIsaac also enjoys being a Crossing Guard.)

If you would like to get involved in your community and get to know the kids and families who call it home, being a Crossing Guard might be the right fit for you.

The Ottawa Crossing Guard program is a partnership between the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Safety Council (OSC). Crossing Guards are paid per shift, paid for their training, and they are supported in the field with Team Leads.

For more information on how you can become a Crossing Guard, visit And don’t forget you can nominate your favourite crossing guard for our annual Marie Armstrong Crossing Guard Award, for someone who has made a consistent and important difference to schools in your area.


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