‘Dance From Home’ Concert for Kids March 22nd at 3pm

Stittsville local Kevin Johnstone and his duo partner Rory are the Dad Jokes Duo, two entertainer dads who were tired of The Wiggles and wanted to hear music and comedy they enjoyed when their kids were being entertained.

During this time of social isolation, their concert on March 22nd was cancelled so they have decided to do a ‘Dance From Home’ concert from their living room to yours. If you’re looking for something to entertain the kids and get them up and moving, tune in by going to the Dad Jokes Duo Facebook page (@dadjokesduo) at 3pm this Sunday for an interactive online concert.

“We are at home with our kids and we know it is hard to find new things for them to do,” said Kevin. “We wanted to give parents like us a way to get their kids moving, without breaking their isolation. Hopefully it is the best of both worlds. But we have also never done an online concert from our living room so we are excited to see what it will be.”

​The Dad Jokes Duo (www.dadjokesduo.com) is a combination of music and comedy made for families. Songs and skits are written with both the child and parent in mind. Examples of this include covers of songs parents will know such as Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker, with the lyrics changed to something kids love and engages them to participate.

Skits and jokes are written to be funny to kids with punchlines that only the adults catch on to. Their influence is the movie Shrek – something that can be enjoyed by child and parent simultaneously because there is a layer present for each.

Mix in a few cover songs that kids go crazy for like Old Town Road by Little Nas X and you’ve got a show that has the kids bouncing and the parents laughing and nodding along.


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