DENLEY: Jack Maclaren should quit as MPP

MPP Jack MacLaren
MPP Jack MacLaren

Randall Denley writes in the Ottawa Citizen:

“Stittsville and Kanata are the two main centres in MacLaren’s riding, and he has let them both down. One of the biggest issues in Stittsville is the lack of a public high school. Although the western suburb is now the size of a small city, its students are bused to the village of Richmond. MacLaren did present a parents’ petition to the legislature, but then undercut it by saying he wasn’t enthused about the issue.

The expansion of Waste Management’s landfill on Carp Road is an issue for people in Stittsville, but MacLaren backed the bigger landfill. It’s a point of view that can be supported, but probably not if you are the representative of the people affected.”

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