Discover a local business this Saturday!

Support Local Stittsville

This Saturday, December 6, over 20 shops, restaurants and services in Stittsville are teaming up to promote “Support Local Stittsville”.  It’s a day to encourage residents from inside and outside of the village to discover the range of unique local businesses in the area.

Each of the participating businesses are pooling resources to cross-promote each other’s services on Saturday.  Many are also offering special deals and discounts.

Here’s the full list of participating businesses:

Tell your friends about the great local stores and products that you discover on December 6 and throughout the year. Share your finds on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #SupportLocalStittsville or post a photo on Facebook to share with your friends.


 Great reasons to support local businesses

  • They form the core of strong communities, and help to sustain vibrant neighbourhoods.
  • They add character to our community.
  • Compared to chain stores, more of the money they make gets recycled back into the local economy.
  • Studies have shown that local businesses create more jobs, and provide better wages and benefits.
  • Small shops are more environmentally efficient than big box stores, and they encourage walkable communities.
  • Owners support local sports teams, donate prizes for fundraising initiatives, and contribute other services to neighbourhood groups.
  • A marketplace of many small businesses creates more competition, which keeps prices low and improves customer service. (Not to mention more diversity
    in products and services!)



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