Discover Stittsville: Ritual on Main

If you are looking for a cozy place to meet up with your friends over some delicious fresh-baked treats and a good cup of coffee, then Ritual on Main is the place for you. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by an eclectic array of tables and chairs. The walls are lined with different art pieces, beautiful green plants hang from the ceiling, and a stunning feature wall of green which houses the Ritual on Main neon sign that draws the eye. A lot of thought went into each piece to create a warm, inviting atmosphere with a bohemian feel.

The building has a wrap-around covered porch with little tables and chairs so you can enjoy your coffee and the outdoors in warmer weather. They have many delicious espresso-based drinks, a variety of tea lattes, and some comforting tea options. And, they can also mix up some stunning cocktails for you.

I met with the owner Chinelo Houron (aka Chi), as she worked, and no matter how busy she was, and there was a pretty constant stream of people coming in and out all morning, she always had a smile for her customers and spoke with them as they came up to the counter. Once you place your order, you can take a seat, and Chi will bring it out. You can tell by watching Chi that Ritual on Main is a project of love from a woman that loves what she does.

About Chi and Ritual on Main

Ritual on Main isn’t Chi’s first foray into the coffee shop business. Chi had owned The Thirsty Maiden in Kanata North. Chi says that she wanted to keep both locations, but with the uncertainty of COVID restrictions and lockdowns, it was difficult to run The Thirsty Maiden and get Ritual on Main ready to open; she just couldn’t be in both places at once. So she made the difficult decision and closed The Thirsty Maiden’s doors to concentrate her efforts on Ritual on Main.

Her goal is to have her store as a one-stop shop where customers can walk in and get a variety of their needs met, as well as support local/Canadian businesses. Ritual has a cooler of drinks from the Collective Arts Brewing, a Canadian brewery and distillery located in Hamilton, Ontario, that feature limited edition works of art from artists from around the world on their labels. They also have a variety of wines for sale from Buyers and Cellars, who have a tasting room in Ottawa, and you won’t be able to find these wines anywhere else. Coffee is available for sale from the Brown Bag Coffee Roasters located in Gatineau, which is the same coffee they use in the shop.

Chi’s Other Projects

Chi is a very industrious woman. With the opening of Ritual on Main, she also opened a clothing store called Village Envy featuring bohemian-styled clothing and accessories and creative home decor items. Village Envy had started as a physical store in the back of Ritual on Main, but as the coffee shop grew in popularity, Chi said she needed more space, so Village Envy switched to an online store with a pop-up within Ritual on Main. I perused some of the items while enjoying my tea latte, and there were some fascinating items and unique clothing pieces.

Chi also has the Ritual Mobile Bar. It is a mobile cocktail and espresso bar that can be booked for any of your events. If they are not at an event or market, you can find it at 6133 Perth St. in Richmond, where you can get some delicious breakfast and lunch items on top of their stellar coffee. The mobile bar opens the first week of May, and Chi tells me they already have some bookings coming up over the summer.

Chi told me, “I will continue doing this until the happiness is gone,” watching her work, I don’t think Ritual on Main is going anywhere anytime soon.


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