Dog park clean-up time around the corner and in the woods – Shea Woods that is

(Responsible Dog Owners Canada (RDOC) Park Clean-Up Day. Photo: RDOC)

It is that time of year again, when Stittsville’s local dog park needs a good clean. ‘Park Clean-Up Days’ are held by Responsible Dog Owners Canada (RDOC) in dog parks located around Ottawa from spring to fall.

First, a little bit about the organization. RDOC is a non-profit, national organization, based out of Stittsville, comprised of volunteers who believe that responsibility, respect and recognition are fundamental components of dog ownership. RDOC’s primary mandate is to develop and host educational programs while promoting responsible and safe dog ownership.

In addition to the park clean ups, RDOC participate in the Teddy Bear Picnic. They also conduct Canadian Canine Good Citizen (CCGC) evaluations. Here is the link to that program

(RDOC Canadian Canine Good Citizen evaluation. Photo: RDOC)

RDOC has two newsletters. The Dog Guardian Newsletter is a quarterly online newsletter dealing with everyday dog ownership issues. It covers a variety of topics including indoor fun with your pup; dog dementia; winter sports; travelling with your pet; moving to a retirement home with your four- legged friend, and much more. To read or sign-up for the newsletters visit this link —

The Kid’s Edition of the Dog Guardian Newsletter is a monthly online newsletter devoted to educating children (3 to 8 years old) on safe interactions with dogs. Some of the topics covered in past issues have been fun websites for kids about dogs; indoor activities with their pups; teach your dog a trick; dogs with jobs (e.g. guide dogs); Dogs’ Den storybook (e.g. how to meet a dog). To read the issues: http://www.responsibledogow.

The Park Clean-Up Day planned for Stittsville will be at the Stittsville Dog Park on Saturday, September 28th from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. (rain date — Saturday, October 12th from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m.). When you arrive, RDOC will be handing out bags and gloves to dog owners — you are the ones who do all the work cleaning up the area. The incentive is a much cleaner park and the pups get dog treats.

(Stittsville Dog Park and Holy Spirit Parish locations for Dog Park Clean-Up on September 28, 2019. Map: Google Maps)

The Stittsville Dog Park is located in the Shea Woods at the corner of Shea Road and Abbott Street. For the park clean up, the group will meet at the northeast corner of the Holy Spirit Parish parking lot.

Dog walkers greatly appreciate being able to park in the Church lot so everyone is encouraged to respect the parishioners by parking in the northeast corner of the lot, entering and exiting the lot using the south entrance, not using the Church bins for discarding debris, and not using the Church parking lot on Sunday mornings.

Thanks to all the participants who help to clean-up our Stittsville Dog Park, creating a more enjoyable place to walk your dog and for everyone else who uses the area too!


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