Dog walkers disregarding privileges at Stittsville Dog Park – Shea Woods

It has been brought to our attention by Responsible Dog Owners Canada (RDOC) that those people walking their dogs along the Shea Woods trails and the forest area, unfortunately, are not adhering to some of the privileges that Holy Spirit Parish has generously provided to the dog owner community.

The Parish has allowed the use of their parking lot in the northeast corner of the lot only, entering and exiting the lot using the south entrance at any time during the week and on Saturday. On Sundays, there is an exception, the parking is not allowed for use until after 1:30 pm. The Sunday time has been issued “for the safety of all the Parishioners”, commented Monsignor Joe Muldoon, Pastor at Holy Spirit.

There are garbage bins on the Parish property; however, these are not for the use of dog walkers. Please bring your doggie waste with you after your walk. People have been using the bins with some waste being left beside the bin – this is not courteous, nor pleasant for the Parish members to clean up. The bins may be removed from their present location due to these actions.

RDOC has responded to the Parish about these issues, “…very sorry for the disrespectful actions of some of the dog walkers. We do appreciate the kindness of the Church in allowing us to use the dog park. Many of us have been concerned about the actions of a few and have been using verbal reminders when ever possible”.

All dog walkers using the Shea Forest should be more mindful when benefiting from the use of Holy Spirit’s parking lot and property.



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