Double-bill of Christmas music this Friday at Gaia Java

West End Music Christmas Choir

This week Gaia Java brings you two groups singing a cappella music for the holidays – both with strong local interest.

If you are there at 7pm you will hear the cheerful group of youngsters pictured above. They’ve been busy for the last several weeks learning a number of traditional Christmas songs (Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer etc.) under the direction of Katelyn Osmand-Deveraux at our local West End Music School here in Stittsville. So please come in and encourage them in their vocal aspirations and seasonal spirit.

Then around 7:30 you will have a chance to hear one of the Gaia Java owners singing! Paul Jay and his wife Susan, one of our regulars John, and one of our erstwhile baristas Derek, get together weekly and learn tunes with nine other friends in the cappella group HARMONIC GENERATION.

On Sunday 14th at 2:30pm we are giving a concert of our pop and Christmas repertoire, singing in the  generous acoustic of the chapel at St Paul’s University in Ottawa. Tickets are on sale at the shop, and we will be sharing the proceeds of the concert with Gaia Java’s favourite good cause: the AZBGC Community project in Kamengo, Uganda through CACHA.

So on Friday we will preview for you some of our pop/folk arrangements as well as some of the Christmas songs we are planning for Sunday. We plan to include a new song for which we just did a video with a local star who will be a guest at our Sunday concert! Check out the video:

Coming up on December 19: a return performance from Keli Jay and Mollie Roy (back from their vocal studies at Queens Univ) PLUS an info session and update of our ongoing support of the community project in Kamengo, Uganda through the gifts of your spare change and donations.


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