Easter celebrations and crafts to enjoy during unusual times

(Easter Rabbit. Photo: istockphoto.com)

Easter is here and there are many ways to celebrate at home.

One creative Stittsville Mom had the idea to make decorative eggs that you can hang in your window for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. She encourages everyone who makes the eggs to hang them high in the window, as these are not safe for pets if ingested.

Here is the recipe if you would like to do this in your neighborhood.

1 cup flour               1/2 cup salt               1/2 cup water

Instructions: Mix until combined. Roll out to about 1/4″ thick. Use a straw to make the hole for your string or ribbon. Bake on parchment paper for 2 hours at 250C! Cool and paint. *If you need more water, you can add tsps. at a time.

You can also have an Easter photoshoot in your Easter outfit, tune into a church service and make a grand Easter brunch. You can still decorate your home, as well as host a virtual egg dying party or get crafty and make spring wreaths to hang on the door.

Tootsweet4.com has a few cute Easter crafts like TP roll Easter bunnies. You can find their ideas here:https://tootsweet4two.com/celebrating-easter-in-a-stay-at-home-world/.  As well as making the TP roll Easter bunnies, kids may have fun making Twinkle Twinkle Little Party’s Easter egg planters. You can find out how to make them here. Another fun craft is to make an Easter egg box wreath. The credit for this idea goes to unlockliverpool.co.uk. Instructions can be found here.

If you were looking for outdoor activities, activeforlife.com has a few ideas. They can be found here: https://activeforlife.com/add-activity-to-easter/.

Hop and Rise and The Guardians are two movies that have themes of Easter if you want to have a fun movie night with the kids. I have seen both and can truly say that these two films are family-friendly, entertaining, funny and have great storylines.

Easter is also a great family occasion. I encourage everyone to give their friends and family a call on this occasion to say hi as well as to thank them for everything they’ve done for you or the impact they’ve had in your life.



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