Edo Japan introduces something ‘yummy’ and healthy to Stittsville

As Stittsville continues to grow, so does the variety of wonderful and diverse food flavours available to us.

One of the latest new food establishments to open is Edo Japan, located at Crossing Bridge Square on Stittsville Main. Edo Japan’s restaurant roots began in Calgary, Alberta. Known for their Grill and Sushi, they have been expanding across Canada, with Stittsville owner, Cong Le, opening three locations in the Ottawa area – Stittsville, Barrhaven and College Square.

We were kindly invited by the new store owner Cong Le to tour the restaurant and sample some of their menu items.

The most impressive thing we saw upon entering Edo Japan was the team spirit and friendliness of the staff. They are very proud of what they do as they bring their new food experience to Stittsville. We were surprised by how much action occurs in the extensive and clean back area where your food orders are prepared.

(This was the sample selection we were provided to taste. Let us just say – a picture speaks a thousand words!)

All of the food tasted as good as it looked. We do not normally eat Sushi but were pleasantly surprised by wonderfully pleasant flavours and freshness. All of the items are so fresh – they are not prepared ahead of time, only when you place your order. The Bubble Tea was refreshing and made your taste buds pop with the flavour.

We invite you to find out more about their food menu online here: https://www.edojapan.com/. To order, you can call 343-545-2888 or online on their website.

Cong Le and family members, sister Huyen Le and brother-in-law Don (who are here from Calgary for a short time to assist), certainly appreciate the importance of family and community. They are very proud that they are bringing some fresher, healthier catering options to Stittsville, local schools and events.

Edo Japan is known for their generosity and from every order received, a portion of the cost is donated to a local food bank during their annual Holiday Giving campaign. In 2022, $161,000 was donated to food banks across Canada.

They have also offered to help support our community journalism program. We will have a very special announcement in the near future!

Thank you very much to Cong and all of the staff for the wonderful experience and support.


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  1. That is a wonderful addition to the community and bubble tea, yummy!
    Fresh fare is needed in stittsville.

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