Eighty-six housing units coming to Hazeldean Road and Victor Street

(Oblique View of Proposed Development. Provided: Fotenn Consultants Inc.)

Developer Hazeldean Crossing Inc. (a division of GNCR Developments Inc.), through their agent Fotenn Consultants Inc., have submitted Site Plan Control and major Zoning By-law Amendment applications to the City of Ottawa for 5924 and 5938 Hazeldean Road.

The previous owner of the land received zoning approval around 2007 for a mixed-use development to be built at 5924 Hazeldean Road (at the corner of Victor Street). At that time it was proposed that a one-storey commercial building with a four-storey apartment building in the north corner would be built. The remainder of the lot was to provide parking spaces. This proposal still remains applicable.

(The location of the proposed new development at 5924 and 5938 Hazeldean Road. Provided: Fotenn Consultants Inc.)

Under new ownership of 5924 and inclusive of 5938 Hazeldean Road (where the old FINA gas station was located), Hazeldean Crossing Inc. have proposed that 76 stacked townhouses and 10 back-to-back townhouses will be built. An outdoor parking lot will provide — 91 outdoor spaces, 15 visitor parking with each back-to-back townhouse having their own garage.

The Zoning By-law Amendment application has been submitted to request the current general mixed-use zoning be altered to a residential fourth density so both properties would be uniform in zoning. If passed, this would permit the development to go ahead.

Entrance to this new development would be off of Victor Street at the southeastern corner of the property adjacent to Denham Way.

(A rendering of the stacked townhouse elevations. Provided: Fotenn Consultants Inc.)

The stacked townhouses are generally proposed to be located along the north, west, and south edges of the property, with two blocks near the centre of the development. The stacked dwellings will contain four, eight, or 12-unit building formats, with individual entrances for each unit.

(A rendering of the proposed back-to-back townhouse elevations. Provided: Fotenn Consultants Inc.)

The back-to-back townhouses are proposed to be located along Victor Street at the southeast area of the property. The five east-facing units will have direct frontage onto Victor Street, including driveways with direct access. The west-facing units will have driveway access from the internal parking area.

Landscaping will be provided predominately in rear yards. With 31 trees proposed to be planted, the species for consideration are — Freeman’s Maple, Honey Locust, Crabapple, and Serviceberry trees.

Councillor Gower has indicated that a community meeting is not required for this new development, but is planning to hold an open house in the near future for residents of the area. Residents can also contact his office Glen.Gower@ottawa.ca should you have questions or concerns.

Residents are also asked to share your questions or concerns with Stream Shen, the City Planner for the development, by telephone 613-580-2424, Ext. 24488 or by email Stream.Shen@ottawa.ca.




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