Elves from “The Stocking Project” seek community donations

Some of the items collected during last year's project.

The 3rd Annual Kanata/Stittsville/Carp Stocking Project has launched for 2016!

The premise behind The Stocking Project is simple: The target for this project are people who would normally not ask for help, those who would not attempt to solicit help from an agency of any kind, and those who likely tell very few people they need help.

The Stocking Project depends on community members to refer their friends, neighbours and colleagues as project recipients. In 2014, we delivered over 200 stockings to families in need, in 2015, we delivered more than 500. We expect to deliver more than 1000 stockings in 2016.

The process is simple: The community donates gifts that would be typical to a stocking, to stuff the stockings. Referrals go into the project anonymous email and we deliver the full stockings to the recipients a few days before Christmas. When the Elves head out on deliveries, they carefully leave the stockings on the porch of the home with an anonymous note, ring the doorbell and RUN! It is akin to being “elfed” however on a much bigger scale and with a specific market in mind.

The Stocking Project will serve Kanata, Stittsville, and Carp for the 2016 Christmas Season.  Any donations are appreciated from individuals or businesses are accepted. We really appreciate your generosity to your community.  Volunteers are also welcome to join.

Recommended donation items include unused toys, clothing, books, toiletries, crayons, stickers ,bath soaps, perfume, brushes, candy, or anything that would fit a stocking.

To get involved you can also check out the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KanataStockingProject/



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