Entries judged at annual garden and flower photo contest

(Presentation of the Goulbourn Stittsville Horticultural Society photo contest trophy to Kathy Lunau. L to R: Penny Horeczy, Vice-President; Judith Cox, President; Kathy Lunau, Best in Show winner; John Brummell, Contest Judge. Photo: Stittsville Central)

After a blustery February snowstorm, the evening of the 18th was filled with visions of gardens and flowers at the annual Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society (SGHS) photo contest.

The high point at this time of year for SGHS is the judging of the stunning floral photographs submitted to the annual contest and this year was no different. There were eight classes for which a total of 76 entries were submitted by SGHS members.

(John Brummell and Judith Cox prepare to announce the winner of the SGHS photo contest. Photo: Stittsville Central)

The contest was judged by well-known Stittsville photographer John Brummell. John shared his past experiences and background as a photographer and how he judged the submitted photos – 40% photographic values, 40% horticultural value and 20% on appearance. When John was presented with the photos to be judged, he noted that there were no names or affiliation as to who had taken the picture – the names were added later for the presentation. He told the attendees that lighting and composition apply to all types of photography.

As John walked us through the slideshow of entries, he commented on the various characteristics of each photo and his reason for choosing each winner. John stated that, “he had a very hard time selecting the best in each category, as all entries were excellent”.

The categories, winners and numbers of entries in each category were:
  • Class 1 – Ornamental Grasses – a single or plant group. From the 8 submissions, Brian Carson won.
  • Class 2 – Extreme Closeup photo of a single yellow bloom, whole or in part. From the 15 submissions, Cathy Lunau won.
  • Class 3 – Garden Critters of the Good Kind. There were 15 submissions and Tracey Easton Mitchell won.
  • Class 4 – Water Droplets – a photo of water droplets on a flower, leaf or plant. From the 8 submissions, Nancy Lowden won.
  • Class 5 – Roses are White – a closeup photo of a white bloom or cluster. From 5 submissions, Kim Bonin won.
  • Class 6 – Fall Colours – a fall landscape – show the big picture. There were 7 submissions and Cathy Lanau won.
  • Class 7 – Traveller’s Paradise – a photo showing a public or private garden display. There were 16 submissions in this category and Kim Bonin was awarded the prize.
  • Class 8 – Stittsville Goulbourn Garden Tour 2019 – garden favourite. There were 2 submissions and Allana Code won.

Kathy Lanau of Stittsville won ‘Best in Show’ as the overall prize winner in all categories for her photograph of single yellow rose bloom dappled with morning sunlight.



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