Erica Wiebe wins gold medal in Olympic wrestling

Wiebe's Olympic gold medal

It was the moment we were all waiting for.

Stittsville’s Erica Wiebe won a gold medal for Canada in Olympic women’s 75kg wrestling Thursday.

Wiebe, 27,  defeated Kazakhstan’s Guzel Manyurova with an authoritative 6-0. With two points each in period one and two, she seemed guaranteed to win early into the match.

It was the result of years’ worth of hard work and passion for her sport, which began in grade nine at Sacred Heart High School. In May, Wiebe told how it all started.

“I was playing competitive soccer from a pretty young age. I played every sport in high school and in grade 9 one of the sports offered was wrestling,” she said. “Right away I just loved it. It’s unlike anything else. You get to touch somebody, put your hands on them. But it’s tactical too, like a very sweaty chess game.”

Fans in her hometown were with her all the way. From a pancake breakfast at NeXT restaurant to fund her trip to Rio, to watching every single event she had at the games. For the final, dozens packed local pub The Glen to watch.

After being awarded her medal, Wiebe fought back tears as she mouthed the words to O Canada.

Canada’s medal count now stands at 16.



2 thoughts on “Erica Wiebe wins gold medal in Olympic wrestling”

  1. Thank you Erica for doing such a great job. I am proud of you!

    Is she back home now? Is there going to be a celebration at a pub?
    The Legion perhaps?

  2. WOW – What a match – sweet and short with all the right moves! Congrats Erica – Stittsville is so proud of you. I feel a parade coming on!

    And, LeGasse just won silver in the 200m. Waiting for Melissa Bishop now!


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