Expect action to be taken by Ford government on Ottawa LRT project states MPP Goldie Ghamari

Goldie Ghamari, MPP for Carleton, said on November 12, “building transit to help Ontarians get to where they need to be is a priority for our government. That is why we committed up to $1.808 billion dollars to the Ottawa LRT project between Phases 1 and 2”. Aware of the challenges Ottawa has been facing on the LRT rollout, Ghamari told Stittsville Central that Premier Ford and Transportation Minister, Caroline Mulroney, are currently looking at options to deal with the situation.

With Ottawa City Council’s recent rejection of a judicial inquiry into problems plaguing Phase 1 of the LRT, we are increasingly concerned with the City’s ability to carry out future phases of work,” added MPP Ghamari. Industry stakeholders and some City Councillors have expressed their concern about the execution of Phase 1 to the Province.

The Ontario government does not want to see the Stage 2 plagued with the same problems as in Stage 1. “We need to have full confidence that the City will be able to successfully deliver this project. This is about protecting our taxpayers and our transit riders,” stated the MPP. “This is an important project for the people of Ottawa.”

The provincial government is looking at options that would increase the province’s oversight of the project. The options currently being considered could include a judicial inquiry, a review by Ontario’s Auditor General or further measures requiring provincial legislation.

“All options are on the table,” ended Ghamari.


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  1. As many have said this really is not about Ottawa there using this to send a very strong message to projects in the GTA that are having major issues.

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