Extendicare proposes long term care facility for 2510 Wellings Private

A Revised Site Plan Control application has been received by the City to construct a 4-storey 256-bed Extendicare Long Term Care Facility to be located at 2510 Wellings Private, formerly known as 5731 Hazeldean Road.

This application is a modification to the previously approved site plan for the east half of the property. Nautical Lands Group developed the Wellings of Stittsville retirement oriented apartment building on the western portion of the property, in accordance with the Site Plan Agreement (D07-12-16-0046). Extendicare will develop the long-term care component of the project in accordance with the approved Site Plan. The property is zoned Arterial Mainstreet Zone which permits a range of residential and commercial uses.

The property has an area of 1.41 ha, with frontage of 77.4 metres on Hazeldean Road, and is currently vacant. The property to the east is occupied by The Keg restaurant, while to the west is the Wellings of Stittsville retirement community. Lands to the north are occupied by a woodlot while lands on the south side of Hazeldean Road are vacant but
zoned for commercial development. The original site plan approved for this portion of the property was for a long-term care home with underground parking and a two-storey retail/office building along the Hazeldean Road frontage.

The revised Site Plan proposes the following changes from the approved concept:

  • The two-storey office/retail building along Hazeldean Road and the one-storey retail link have been removed;
  • The long-term care home is closer to the easterly lot line and the articulated front façade is within 3 metres of the front lot line;
  • No underground parking is proposed; 120 parking spaces are provided in a surface lot at the rear of the building; and,
  • The long-term care home is centered around a single internal courtyard, providing a secure outdoor amenity space for residents.

Vehicular access, including emergency access, is provided via Wellings Private, which runs along the rear property line. The alignment of Wellings Private has not been changed from the approved design, although roadway modifications may be required. Pedestrian access is also coordinated with the existing Wellings retirement home.

To send your comments on this new proposed long-term care facility, contact City Planner, Kathy Rygus at kathy.rygus@ottawa.ca. Comments will be accepted until November 2, 2020.

Councillor Glen Gower will be holding a zoom meeting for the public about this development in the coming weeks.


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  1. It appears that Hazeldean Road is in danger of becoming as bad as Meriville Road.
    Although I am well aware there is a need for more long term care (properly run)

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