Family establishes memorial page for Samuel Evie Marincak

Samuel Evie Marincak, via Facebook

The family of Sacred Heart student Samuel Evie Marincak has set up a memorial Facebook page to pay tribute to the teen, who died last week.  The page can be found at

“In memory of Samuel Evie Dimitri Marincak who passed away. We welcome the community to post their stories and happy memories. Either name or pronoun is accepted here as they were a genderfluid individual who went by all,” wrote Marincak’s sister Paige on the site.

“Samuel Evie was a bright young child who loved Warframe, owls, their dog Charlie, being with their friends, cars, lemon meringue pie, subway subs with only lettuce and mayo, mug cakes, memes, and making people laugh. We encourage people to donate to the Ottawa Humane Society in Samuel Evie’s name:

Flags outside of Sacred Heart High School were flying at half mast this week in memory of Marincak.

Samuel Evie Marincak, via Facebook
Samuel Evie Marincak, via Facebook

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