A tiny yoga studio making a big difference

(This article originally appeared on Live Life Ottawa.)

Feel Amazing Yoga (FAY) is a Stittsville-based business owned by yoga instructor Teresa Splinter (pictured above). After years of enjoying yoga recreationally, Teresa decided to enroll in an intense yoga teacher training in 2013, founding FAY shortly after. Like so many people these days, she felt stifled in her previous life as a “nine to five-er” and found inspiration in the idea of a profession where she would be able to both take care of herself, and make a meaningful impact on the well-being of others.

FAY is a little different from the average yoga studio. Teresa runs her business from her home in Stittsville. She has created a beautiful yet cozy feeling studio that features a large window, hardwood floors, and tasteful decorations. The ambiance of the space helps you to feel relaxed and energized, and sets the tone for your practice. When you arrive for a session at FAY you won’t find a room full of other students, all of Teresa’s classes are booked as individual or small group sessions. The aim is to take a personal and therapeutic approach to yoga. When you take a class with Teresa, you won’t simply go through the motions of a basic yoga routine, you’ll experience a customized series of postures and breathing techniques tailored to your individual needs.

Feel Amazing Yoga is for everyone, but Teresa has a passion for offering therapy to people who suffer from chronic pain or mental illness. Because of this, she has a wealth of knowledge about body alignment and chakras. When meeting new clients, Teresa takes the time to discuss any illness or injury in order to create a custom therapeutic experience. The goal of this approach is to help clients to effectively heal their physical bodies and relax their minds.

Teresa’s passion for helping people overcome their ailments came after her own journey with physical and mental illness. Yoga provided her with a path to make an amazing transformation into a happier and healthier person. After she realized the life-changing powers of yoga, she wanted to share it with the world. Feel Amazing Yoga is Teresa’s love letter to the practice of yoga, and when you take a class with her you can sense her passion for it. Who wouldn’t be inspired by someone who loves their job so much?

If you would like to connect with Teresa or are interested in learning more about FAY, you can find her website here. You can also find FAY on Facebook.


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